Wednesday, October 23

New Puppy Obedience Class in DTLA!

Are you kicking yourself that you didn't join the Puppy Obedience Class?  Well, here is your chance, we have a new class starting on NOVEMBER 5TH!  Sign up today!

This class is appropriate for all puppies up to 7 months of age and that have had their first two rounds of DAPP vaccines.  You will learn all the basics to set your pup up for a lifetime of success.

The commands we cover are sit, down, stay, recall (come when called),  and leave it.  We address all the basic issues of raising a puppy in the city like potty training, safety, how to play with people and other dogs, where to potty, how to walk on a leash and so much more.  

Each class will begin with a play session to help socialize your pup with other dogs and by the end of the 5 weeks you will have learned how to keep their attention on you and not all the distractions.

Sign up today, class starts on November 5th @ 7:30pm at the DTLA Vets office.  Only a limited number are permitted, so be sure to register by contacting me.  Just give us a bark!