Thursday, May 3

My Bond With Neville

Tuesday was one of the most emotional days I've had with Neville to date. Not in a bad way, just emotional. There are a few factors involved: I had been rushing around preparing for my trip I started yesterday for the few days prior, the events Downtown for May Day and all the chaos that was surrounding that, he had an acupuncture treatment and then I left him at the kennel. With my energy being weird and the intensity of Downtown, my sweet boy was a little stressed.

Right before I took him to his acupuncture treatment I read a blog that my vet had posted about the connection we have with our pets and how they rescue us just as much as we rescue them. This is a thought I have a lot about both my dog and cat, but especially Neville. So going to the vet, I was already in a sentimental mood.

The treatment went really well and he was extra sweet to me and my vet! We spent some quite time in the exam room after his treatment so I could say goodbye. I felt like my heart was being ripped out as he sat in front of me and looked so lovingly at me with his big brown eyes. Neville has this look that he gives at all the right moments that is a mixture of the cutest puppy you have ever seen and a stunningly handsome dog. It melts my heart every time.

So after lots of kisses and hugs and a quick trip outside for one last potty, it was time for goodbye. I walked him back to the kennel area and as he rounded a corner I turned back and ducked out before he could see me leave. I barely got into my car before the tears started to come. The silly part is that I leave him at this kennel because it is a safe place for him. It is my vet so I trust her and the staff and Neville really likes it there. On top of all of that, he only has to stay for 2 days and then my friend and mommy to his girlfriend, will pick him up for a weekend sleep over. Why I got so upset, I don't know. Logically, I know it is fine, but still somewhere in my head all I could think about was my sweet boy being scared and lonely and not understanding what was happening.

Ultimately, when I was at home Tuesday night and felt how empty the house was, it just made me appreciate how far Neville and I have come with our bonding. I know I can't imagine how or what my life was without him and I hope one day he can forget the life he had before me. I know I love him and he loves me and it is one of the most amazing feelings to be loved and bonded with such a special dog.

I know each of you can relate with this because of your own special bond with your dog. No matter if they are truly a rescue dog or not, my bet is that they rescued you in whatever way you needed them to.

Take a moment to hug your dog today and just feel the love between you, I know that is all I want to do today but my sweet boy is so far away so I will have to wait a few more days.