Tuesday, July 5

Think About Your Pooches

This weekend was beautiful but challenging with all the fireworks.  I was very impressed that Neville didn't react more than he did, he was great!  I thought for sure with all his fear issues the fireworks would get to him, but he seemed to be fine.  Last night got a little much at one point, but he just hung out in his crate and was fine.  But, that was just my dog.  I was really bothered by what I saw the rest of the weekend from other dog owners.  

 It was so hot this weekend and yet I saw people running in the heat of the day with their dog, standing in direct sun on a hot sidewalk talking to other people and not letting their dog have shade,  and so many people were out with their dog in the heat with no water.  I understand that you have to walk your dog, I have to walk mine too and I get you may not be able to walk your dog in the shade the whole time.  That is not what I am referring to.  I am talking about instances that people clearly were not taking into consideration their dog's needs.

Running with your dog is great, but it needs to be done in the morning or evening during the summer months, it is just too hot to run your dog (especially a dog with lots of fur) in the middle of the day.  And if you feel your dog can handle it, you need to have water for your dog every 15 minutes or so depending on the heat.

Standing and talking to another person is a great way to get your dog to practice sit and to be patient, but not when you are in direct sun on a hot sidewalk.  If you want to stop and talk, great, but get your dog in the shade, the sidewalk is hot and the longer they sit there on it the more their pads heat up and they heat up.

WATER!  It is so important.  When the temperature rises your dog needs more water, they can become dehydrated very quickly.  If you are out exercising in the heat, your dog should be given the opportunity to drink water about every 15 minutes, if it is a cooler time like the evening or morning it can be less, about every 30 minutes or so.

All I am asking is that as the heat continues to come in, just think about your pooches.  They are much more delicate than most people think.

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