Tuesday, November 15

17-Year-Old Dog Euthanized Within 3 Hours Of Going Missing

As I prepare to celebrate our love for our dogs at the Pooch Parade tonight, I was struck by such great sadness by this story.  I think the worst nightmare for any dog owner is that your dog will go missing in some way, but for Allen and Alison Holmes this was only half of it.  What no one could imagine is that their 17-year-old Corgi/Border Collie mix would be euthanized 3 hours after she went missing.

Her name was Basie and she was loved by the Holmes for 17 years.  Yes, she was old and having many health problems, but the Holmes were providing her a happy, loving retirement until this awful event happened.  The video below tells the story of this tragic event.

Our thoughts are with the Holmes.  I think we all know how hard it is to have a pet euthanized, but I can't imagine it being done without my knowledge.