Thursday, November 17

Off Leash Dogs

Yesterday as I was walking my dog through the 2nd street park, which is the lawn behind the police station, I saw yet another horrific moment take place, a little dog darted into the street and was inches away from being hit.  Thankfully, another park goer taking her dogs home was right there to scream at the car and they stopped just in time.  The owner of the dog was too busy looking at his phone and only looked up when he heard the screams.  Such a lucky dog!

This is a growing problem at this park. The neighborhood residents have converted this lawn, with only a side walk and some plants separating it from the street, to a off leash dog park.  It started with only a couple of dogs off leash playing ball while the rest of us walked our dogs around on leash to potty them.  Slowly more and more people allowed their dogs off leash, no matter if they have an appropriate recall or not.

I am not even going to go into the problems of it being a dog park like environment, that is for a different blog, what I want to focus on is how unsafe it is to have your dog off leash when they shouldn't be.

Let me be clear, the people that have their dogs off leash and can call their dogs back to them and no matter what the dog will turn and come to them AND they are watching and interacting with them, I have no issues with those dog owners.  They are in control of their dog, they are watching them, interacting with them, in my opinion these are the people that CAN have their dogs off leash.

My problem is with the people that have no control over their dog, I have a bigger problem with the people that have no control over their dog and they disengage from their dog by reading or texting.

Yesterday marks the 15th time I've seen a dog run into the street and somehow someway not be hit.  Not every time was the owner not paying attention, but I would say over half of the 15 times, this was the case.  How is this good for your dog?  Why is it necessary to have your dog off leash when their is no way to keep them safe?

I understand wanting to give your dog freedom, but go to a place that is fenced in.  The Los Angeles State Park is only a few miles away and completely fenced in.  Or if you can't do that, just attach a 50 foot long leash or even longer.  Is giving your dog freedom worth their life?  For me it is not.

What do you think?

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