Wednesday, June 20

What Happened To Common Courtesy?

I am usually the first one to talk about our dog community and how it is growing and all the wonderful things that brings.  But there is a flip side of our dog community that is not so positive and really irritating to not just me, but many of us!  Where is the common courtesy for your fellow dog owners?

I am amazed at how either pushy or clueless some dog owners are with their dogs.  Not all dogs are friendly with other dogs.  And sometimes they are fine to walk by other dogs, but they just can't deal with other dogs coming into their face.  Why is it so hard for us to respect the boundaries our dogs are trying to set to protect themselves?

As a trainer, I instruct all of my clients, no matter what the temperament of their dog may be, to not allow your dog to say "hi" to each dog they pass or rush into every dog's face.  Rather, teach them to stick by you until you indicate they can say hi.  It will help with their overall obedience and manners and keep them out of trouble.

As you pass other dogs, please think of this, your dog may be the friendliest and most well socialized dog in the world and nothing may bother him, but that is likely not true of the dog you are about to pass.  At least ask the owner if your dog can meet theirs before assuming they can.  Many horrible situations can be avoided with just a simple question.

Please be safe and respect each other and the choices we make for our dogs.