Thursday, February 25

Licensing Dogs Could Get LA $3 Million+

Los Angeles is in a well-known financial predicament. City officials have started looking for cash where they can... which has led them to start cracking down on unlicensed dogs. At $15 for a sterilized dog and $100 for one who isn't, the city stands to make an estimated 3.6 million dollars.

Now, that's a lot of bones!

Here is an update from yesterday's LA Times.

Road Trip!

Is there anything better than hittin' the road and exploring a place you've never been? Deacon is a German Shepherd from Virgina (where it must be freezing right now) who went missing in December. Assuming something unfortunate had happened to him. Imagine their surprise when Animal Control calls to say they have your pet... in Florida! Apparently he needed a little sunshine.

Check out the article...

Lucky dog!

Wednesday, February 24

Sound familiar?

Sometimes they just won't listen! Patchy seems to need a little Bark & Clark...