Wednesday, October 31

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!  Last night I had a great time at the Pussy & Pooch Spooky Howl-Oween Mutt Mingle!  Me and Neville were little red riding hood (me) and the big bad wolf (Neville).  Sorry, there are no pictures... but I assure you we were quite the duo!

I hope you enjoy today/tonight and you stay safe.  Especially your dogs.  No matter what you choose to do tonight, make sure your dogs are doing what make them happy, not what will make you happy.  In other words, please don't make them trick or treat, wear a costume, be the center of a party, etc. if they are not into it.  Halloween is fun for us,  unless it is a dog specific party, they usually don't have that great of time.

To celebrate the day and dogs that DO like to wear costumes, here are some of my favorites.

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 30

DTLA Halloween Fun

Halloween is one day away and though most of us did our celebrating over the weekend, there is still fun to be had on the day of, especially if you are a kid.   Get your tickets for the 5th Annual Halloween Party for DTLA Kids!  

Hundreds of kids now call Downtown home, and the Downtown Center Business Improvement District (DCBID) is once again providing a fun, safe Halloween for Downtown LA kids – right in their own backyard! Festivities include:
•  Food and candy – including trick-or-treat doors
•  Inflatable bounce house
•  Video game truck
•  Fun face painting and crafts
•  Balloon animals and jugglers
•  Scott Land Marionettes
$5 admission
FREE for children under 2

Costumes are required for children, suggested for adults.

If you are still looking for some fun with your dog... come out tonight to the Pussy & Pooch Spooky Howl-Oween Mutt Mingle!  The event is from 6pm - 9pm and besides being a lot of fun, it is free!

Hope to see you there!

Monday, October 29

Horus and Rosie

I saw this article on Dogster and it warmed my heart!  Some of my favorite dogs to work with have been either deaf or blind.  It may seem like these would be the difficult dogs to train, but they are not.  Sure it is a challenge, but they work so hard and the reward is amazing.

This story is about Horus, a deaf rescue and his owner Rosie that would not accept that a deaf dog could not do all the things a perfectly healthy dog could. 

After moving from house to house for more than a year, Horus the orphaned deaf dog was having a hard time landing a new forever home. Untrained and abused in his formative years, he only knew to behave badly until he met Rosie Gibbs. According to the Daily Mail, she was able to teach the pup how to read sign language.
Gibbs used Makaton, a basic sign language method that is more often used on children. When she was through with Horus, his vocabulary included 50 different commands.

The five-year-old troublemaker is now a happy and healthy, well-behaved pup. His signing repertoire includes sit, stay, play and he even knows how to open drawers.
Horus has become the star student at his obedience school and has earned a bronze, silver and gold at the Kennel Club Good Citizen Awards.
"People think deaf dogs are different and stupid and can’t be trained, but Horus is proof that they can. Horus now knows 50 signs, I’ve actually run out of things to attach signs to," said Gibbs of her mongrel mastermind.

  Gibbs adopted Horus when he was two from the charity Dogs Trust. She was aware that he had a very troubled past, spending much of his life jumping from different homes and being locked up in kennels, waiting for a new foster family.
It only took Gibbs two weeks to teach Horus his first 15 commands. "I used food at first, and every few seconds I would feed it to him so he got into the habit of checking to see if I had any. Once he had mastered that it was easy."

Friday, October 26

Something Fun For Your Dog for Halloween!

Are you still trying to figure out what you can do that allows you to dress up and your pooch to be involved?  The answer is simple, come to the Pussy & Pooch Spooky Howl-Oween Mutt Mingle! The event is Tuesday, October 30th from 6pm - 9pm. 

Besides having a great time with your pooch mingling, there will be festive cocktails and snacks, costume contest and at the end a special "trick or treat" parade lead by me. 

I can't wait to show off me and my dogs costumes, we are going to make quite the pair!

Are you still looking for a costume for your dog?  Hurry to Pussy & Pooch and get one before they are all gone!

See you at the Mutt Mingle!

Thursday, October 25

Tips for Keeping your Pets Safe on Halloween

Around this time of year, I like to post safety tips for Halloween, I found this post on The Bark.  I agree with it all except, I believe there are dogs out there that enjoy dressing up and don't mind all the kids coming to the door.  Albeit, a select few, but you just might have one of those dogs.  But if you don't... follow the advice below.

Halloween is so darned fun, for us humans, that is. Think about it from the perspective of your pets. The ridiculous costumes they are forced to wear, all those scary sights and sounds, the doorbell ringing over and over again. For our dogs and cats, Halloween can be downright ghoulish! Had they a say so in the matter, most of them would opt to ignore this holiday altogether! If celebration is a must in your household, consider the following tips to keep your pets safe and sane this Halloween season.
Your Pet’s Physical Well Being
Guard the candy bowl! Given the opportunity, most dogs will gladly gorge on chocolate, wrappers and all. Chocolate contains theobromine a substance chemically related to caffeine and capable of causing the “cocoa jitters.” The richer (darker) the chocolate, the more jittery your pup will be. Symptoms of chocolate toxicity include restlessness, irritability, increased urination, muscle tremors, and sometimes even seizures. Vomiting and diarrhea are also commonplace following chocolate ingestion. If you suspect your dog(s) has raided the candy bowl, call your family veterinarian or local emergency clinic immediately. The sooner treatment is initiated, the better the chance for a good outcome. Based on the approximate weight of your candy thief and the type and amount of chocolate ingested, you will be advised whether or not your dog needs medical attention. Likely no big deal for the Great Dane who has downed some milk chocolate kisses. For the four pound Chihuahua, however, a few ounces of bittersweet chocolate could be a lethal dose.
If you welcome trick-or-treaters to your home, your front door will be opening and closing repeatedly. This translates into many opportunities for your dog or cat to escape into the dark of night when their familiar territory has become particularly spooky.
Getting lost or running out in front of a moving vehicle are potentially disastrous holiday outcomes. My advice- don’t include your pets as part of your Halloween welcoming committee. Far safer to confine them behind closed doors.
Your Pet’s Emotional Well Being
Does your kitty hide under your bed every time someone new comes to your home? Does your dog’s job description include barking and protecting whenever a stranger (trick-or-treaters included) arrives at your front door? Think about how these poor animals must feel on Halloween night when that doorbell rings dozens of times within just a few hours. Talk about emotional exhaustion! Consider the following options to preserve their sanity:
  • Confine your pets behind closed doors, ideally in a sound- proof part of your home.
  • Provide trick or treaters with a “help yourself” candy bowl on your front walkway.
  • Board your pets elsewhere on Halloween night.
  • Turn off your house lights and skip the holiday altogether. (No guarantees your house won’t be egged the following day!)
Halloween costumes for pets certainly make for some giggles and terrific photo opportunities. But how do our pets really feel about being dressed in those silly outfits? I once made the mistake of hosting a Halloween pet costume contest via my blog. Leave it to my wonderful readers to set me straight. They let me know in no uncertain terms that our pets prefer to dress in their “birthday suits” for Halloween!
There is likely nothing your dog enjoys more than accompanying you for a walk around your neighborhood. Doing so on Halloween, however, may be a downright spooky experience for your best buddy. My bottom line advice- Halloween is a holiday for humans. Let’s leave our pets out of it!

Whatever you do this Halloween, make sure the right thing is being done with you dog.  If that means skipping this holiday, that is okay.

Wednesday, October 24

Why Prop 37 is Important to Dog Owners

We are in the heart of the political season and I personally am ready for it to be over and election day to be here.  But before we vote, I thought I would share this article from Dogster on Prop 37.  I think we all understand why and how this prop affects humans, but this article explains why it also affects our pets.

The general election is less than a month away, and California voters face a ballot initiative involving genetically modified food. Dog owners should give this one some thought.
It's Proposition 37, the California Right to Know Genetically Modified Food Act. It would require most genetically engineered food sold in California to be labeled, with a few exceptions. So, if salmon is genetically modified and farm-raised, or cereal is made with "GMO" corn ("genetically modified organism"), consumers would be able to read that on the package label.
Most environmental groups support Proposition 37, while the majority of the scientific community opposes it. Both sides are collecting donations to further their goals. According to the Organic Consumers Association, "Monsanto and Dow and DuPont and major food processors like Pepsi and Coca-Cola have already put up $25 million to defeat GMO labeling in California." The controversial biotech firm Monsanto is the leading donor to the No On 37 campaign, according to the group, having provided more than $7 million.
(Some food was engineered in a lab. Do you believe that fact should be on the label? Photo: Experiments with fruits in laboratory in blue light by Shutterstock) 
Why should dog owners care, even if feeding and eating organic food isn't a high priority? Because if you care about the ingredients in your dog's food, it could get very difficult to find out what you're feeding your furry family member. Shortly after he was elected, President Obama promised, "We'll let folks know whether their food has been genetically modified, because Americans should know what they are buying."
(Food-labeling could help you help your dog with digestive issues. Photo: Beagle puppy pushing shopping cart filled with dog food by Shutterstock)
If Proposition 37 is defeated, labels won't tell us whether genetically modified organisms are in that bag or can of dog food. Many dog food brands are manufactured using GMO corn as a filler ingredient in addition to meat taken from animals fed GMO corn. So if your dog develops a digestive issue, say, it will  be that much harder for Spot's vet to make a diagnosis if Spot's owners don't know exactly what their dog has been eating.
As someone who reads food ingredient panels very carefully, especially pet-food ingredient panels, I'm all for transparency in labeling. I have digestive issues, and I eat organic as often as possible. (Even my preferred multivitamin brand is non-GMO: it's New Chapter Organics.) I cannot risk ingesting genetically modified foods, because they don't agree with me physically. I know from experience that when I scarf something made of nonorganic corn -- which is to say, GMO corn -- I always regret it, no matter how delicious that taco or movie-theater popcorn was at the time I ate it, because I get very sick to my stomach. But when I diligently avoid GMO food, I'm fine.
(What's inside? How can you tell? Photo: Group of food tin cans with empty white label on a white background by Shutterstock)
  Incidentally, if you offer Spot the occasional popcorn treat, you might be interested to know that conventional, nonorganic popcorn is on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's 1999 Total Diet Study that lists the top 10 foods most contaminated with pesticides and chemicals. Nonorganic popcorn is listed as containing toxic chlordane, dieldrin, and toxaphene. (Also on the people-food front, I was surprised to learn that Horizon, producers of supposedly organic dairy products that I trusted for years, is on the "No on 37" side, so I've stopped purchasing its products.)
What we don't know about the foods we consume and feed our loved ones could hurt us. Many dogs have digestive issues. As our pets' guardians, we risk their well-being if we inadvertently feed them food whose ingredients we can't readily identify. So in order to make an informed decision as to what -- and what not -- to feed our dogs, we need to know what's in the package we're buying. It's as simple as that.
(Knowledge is power -- and that applies to food labels. Photo: Portrait of mature man showing bag of dog food to female customer by Shutterstock)

I hope you all find this article informative.    No matter how you vote, it is important that you do.  Election day is November 6th, mark your calendars and don't forget to exercise your right to vote.

Tuesday, October 23

Boots & Barkley Expand Recall

Boots & Barkley are expanding their recall!  In September they had a recall on Bully Sticks over Salmonella fears and now they are expanding that to cover their Roasted American Pig Ears and American Variety Pack Dog Treats, also over Salmonella fears.  The story is below by Dogster.

At the end of September, we told you about Kasel Associated Industries' recall of Boots & Barkley Bully Sticks over Salmonella fears. 
Last week, the company recalled Boots & Barkley Roasted American Pig Ears and Boots & Barkley American Variety Pack Dog Treats, also over Salmonella fears. The products were distributed nationwide through Target retail stores in August.
The company is recalling lot number BESTBY 13SEP2014DEN for both products. This lot code tested positive for the Salmonella bacteria by the Colorado Department of Agriculture, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
The Roasted Pig Ears product comes in a clear plastic bag containing 12 pig ears, and it is marked with UPC bar code 647263899158.

The Variety Pack product comes in a clear plastic bag weighing 32 ounces, and it is marked with UPC bar code 490830400086. 

If you have questions, contact Kasel Associated Industries at (800) 218-4417.

In other recalls news, the nationwide peanut butter recall over Salmonella fears is now affecting dog products, as TBD Brands LLC is recalling Yoghund Organic Banana & Peanut Butter frozen yogurt dog treats, according to the FDA

The recall includes Lot Code 268 12 and earlier, and all cup and four-pack Best By dates of 9/24/14 or earlier. 

The company stresses that this recall does not involve All Natural Banana & Peanut Butter products, just Organic Banana & Peanut Butter flavor Yoghund.
According to the FDA:
Pets with Salmonella infections may be lethargic and have diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, fever, and vomiting. Some pets will have only decreased appetite, fever and abdominal pain. Infected but otherwise healthy pets can be carriers and infect other animals or humans. If your pet has consumed the recalled product and has any of these signs, please contact your veterinarian. 
If you have questions, contact TBD Brands at (603) 775-7772 x1007.

Thursday, October 18

Kabang Arrives At UC Davis!

I'm sure you all remember Kabang, the hero dog the saved two little girls from a speeding motorcycle at great cost to her.  If you don't remember, here is a quick recap, due to her heroic efforts, Kabang lost her snout and has been living on antibiotics to keep her healthy.  In need of a life saving surgery, Kabang's story reached around the world and launched a fund raising effort to get her to UC Davis for this surgery.  Well, on October 10th, Kabang made it to UC Davis.  Below is the update brought to us by Dogster.

We've been following the story of Kabang, the hero dog who lost her snout when she jumped in front of a motorcycle and saved two little girls in the Philippines. Since the accident, Kabang has gotten on remarkably well, though she hasn't been able to receive proper veterinarian care to close the wound on her face. 
After Kabang's online fame grew, an international effort dubbed Project Kabang developed to raise the money to bring the dog to the United States, where she would be able to receive life-saving surgery.  

Photo: Gregory Urquiaga / UC Davis 
The effort paid off: On Oct. 10, Kabang finally arrived at UC Davis' famed Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital. Based on a preliminary exam, veterinary surgeons Boaz Arzi and Frank Verstraete are confident Kabang will be fine. 
“We are pleased with what we discovered today,” Verstraete said, according to UC Davis. “We are confident we can improve her condition going forward.” 

Photo: Gregory Urquiaga / UC Davis 
“Kabang has suffered catastrophic injuries to her face," said Arzi. "While we had consulted over photos and video, we were not able to make a proper determination of the care we would be able to offer Kabang until we examined her in person.”

Photo: Gregory Urquiaga / UC Davis 
Kabang will not receive a prosthetic snout. Instead, she will receive two surgeries. One to focus on dental work, and another to close the "gaping wound" on her face to prevent infection and improve her life. Doctors believe Kabang will be at the hospital for six weeks.
We'll continue to keep you updated on this remarkable dog's progress.  

Photo: Gregory Urquiaga / UC Davis

My fingers are crossed for Kabang!  What a special dog she is.

Wednesday, October 17

Flirting with the Holidays Pooch Parade

Autumn is here and the holidays are just around corner!  What better reason to get your dog out to sniff around Downtown, learn something new and have a patio for us all to relax on after! 

It brings me great pleasure to announce Bark & Clark's year end Pooch Parade!

Please join us for the Flirting with the Holidays Pooch Parade on November 14th @ 7:00pm

The evening will start with me, Certified Pet Dog Trainer, Tamara Clark, leading your pooches through the bustling streets of the Historical Core.  We will stop in at Pussy & Pooch for some Pawbar time for your dogs and then through the city we will go for our educational romp.  As usual, the evening will conclude with a chance for the humans to sit down, unwind and enjoy wonderful conversation at the dog friendly, Portofino Cucina.  So fun!  

Besides the obvious fun you will have, this is a great chance to learn about how to handle your dog downtown and in general with other dogs and humans.  The Flirting with the Holidays Pooch Parade workshop's focus will be on you dogs socialization with congested city sidewalks, leash control around other dogs and people, and getting your dog's focus on you.  As well, we will have our usual education on the approved potty places and how to get your dog to go there. 
The benefit of working your dog in this environment is it helps reinforce their basic obedience and uses those skills to increase their focus on you - not all the distractions. We'll also work  on manners specific to the city, such as sitting at all intersections before crossing; sitting for introductions and the proper way to greet other dogs. 

We teach uptown manners for Downtown dogs! This class is so fun, it's more like an outing... So let's take a stroll through the city and focus on doggy's ability to deal with the public, the lively city and all the other pooches out and about.

I am so excited about this Pooch Parade, I hope I will see you all there and if you can't be there, I hope you will help spread the word!  

Be sure to RSVP by November 9th because space is limited.  The cost is $40/dog.

To sign up for our next Pooch Parade, give us a bark:  Bark!

Tuesday, October 16

Nature's Recipe Recall

There has been another recall based on Salmonella fears.  This time it is Nature's Recipe that has issued a voluntary recall on their Oven Baked Biscuits with Real Chicken.  The whole story is below, courtesy of Dogster.
On Saturday, Nature's Recipe announced it was voluntarily recalling a limited supply of dog treats that could be contaminated with Salmonella. The products came from the company's Topeka, KS, plant and were sent nationwide, primarily to pet specialty retailers. No pet illness have been reported to date.
The product is called Nature’s Recipe Oven Baked Biscuits with Real Chicken, sold in 19-ounce, stand-up, resealable pouches. The affected bags are marked with Lot Codes 2199TP or 2200TP and a UPC Code of 30521 51549. The pouches also have a “Best If Used By Date” stamp of “10 11 13” and “10 12 13.”
For more information, or to receive a replacement package, you can use the Contact Us form at or call the Consumer Hotline at (800) 237-3856, 24 hours a day. 
If you've fed your dog the snack, be aware of the signs of illness. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Pets with Salmonella infections may be lethargic and have diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, fever, and vomiting. Some pets will have only decreased appetite, fever and abdominal pain. Infected, but otherwise healthy pets can be carriers and infect other animals or humans. If your pet has consumed the recalled product and has these symptoms, please contact your veterinarian.
Also, as there is a risk to humans handling infected products, look after yourself as well: 
Healthy people infected with Salmonella should monitor themselves for some, or all, of the following symptoms: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, abdominal cramping, and fever. Rarely, Salmonella can result in more serious ailments, including arterial infections, endocarditis, arthritis, muscle pain, eye irritation, and urinary tract symptoms. Consumers exhibiting these signs after having contact with this product should contact their health care providers.

Monday, October 15

Halloween Is In The Air!

Halloween will be here in no time.  It can be a fun time for both humans and K9's!  Have you decided what your dog will be and what you are going to do?  If you are wondering how this could be fun for your dog or where you would go... I have all the answers for you!

Where to go is the easy part... Pussy & Pooch Spooky Howl-oween Mutt Mingle party!  It will be on October 30th, 6pm - 9pm.  At the end of the party I will be leading you around the streets for a FREE Trick or Treat & Costume Parade.  Your dogs will get to show off their costume and have the chance to earn treats for tricks!  It will be adorable of course, but also a lot of fun!

As for the how, this is a little more difficult.  This depends on your dog.  Most dogs will play along to have "clothes" on, but when it comes to putting items on their head, it can be tricky!  Your dog has to enjoy or at least not care about having things like wigs, hats or even horns on their head.  If not, stick to a costume that your dog will enjoy.  Just because they look cute shouldn't mean they are uncomfortable or fearful about what is happening to them.

If you are looking for cute costumes, Pussy & Pooch have a bunch that are fantastic!  But hurry and get them before they are gone!

Hope to see you all on the 30th for a Spook-tastic time!!

Friday, October 12

Something Fun and Free This Weekend

Don't miss out on Grand Park's Pooch Party in the Park!  It is this Sunday, 12pm - 4pm and it is all free! The party will be in the lower level of the park, directly across from City Hall. 

I will be there floating through the crowd answering training questions and passing out my new flyers... they are really fun!

Don't miss the Pussy & Pooch booth!  They always have something fun and entertaining for you and your dog... wonder what they will have at this event?

The only requirement for coming to this event is that your dog is friendly with people and dogs.  If they are not, you may want to leave them out of this one.

There are going to be fun activities, games and a parade.  Don't miss out!

Hope to see you there!  Have a great weekend and do something special with your dog!

Thursday, October 11

Joke Gone Too Far

I personally am not a Bam Margera fan, I don't dislike him, it is simply that his thing is not my thing.  But, I am a Howard Stern fan and Bam appears on the show often, so I have gotten to know him that way.  Despite his bad boy appearance and reputation, he always comes off on the show as a pretty nice guy.  So when I heard about his posting a picture of himself holding a gun to his puppy's head on Twitter, I thought there had to be more to the story.  He had always come off as an animal lover.

There is more to the story.  It was a joke.  Perhaps a joke that is not found to be funny, perhaps a joke that went too far.  But nevertheless, a joke.  Bam Tweeted "Penny pooped in my bed. Not too fond of that. If it happens again, Penny goes Bye Byes."  With the Tweet he posted this picture:

What Bam did not make clear is that it is a fake gun.  I'm sure the frustration of the Penny, his Pitbull puppy pooping in his bed was real, but the "threat" to her life was fake.

After the picture was posted and received by his 820,000 followers, there was an immediate outcry.  According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, "SPCA spokesman Rich Britton called the picture 'not funny' and said that, even for a shock comedian, Margera 'missed the mark on this one.'"

Bam understood how silly this all was and started quickly apologizing for the bad joke and stated:
"I think those people need to go down," he said of the abusers. "Just hurting another animal is rude, crude, and more."
In an interview with Fox 29, Bam said, "Sorry if I offended anybody. But I'm an animal lover and I'd never hurt this dog in a million years, and the gun is a fake gun."

"I didn't want to offend anybody. I just wanted to make people laugh," he said. "I just like to joke around. I would never ever in a million years hurt a dog or a cat or any animal." 

In addition to the puppy, Bam has six cats -- Eric the Cat, Trouble, Mischief, Wall Crawl, Peaches, and Twanda Newton Harris.

So my question to you, the reading audience is, have we become a society that can't take a joke or was this just a really bad joke?

Wednesday, October 10

Peru Sends A Message To Animal Abusers

No matter where you are, animal abuse is wrong, but unfortunately not all countries have the means to pursue action against offenders.  But Peru has set a tone and sent a message with a recent conviction of a woman found guilty of poisoning and killing a 5-month-old puppy.  The whole story from Dogster is below.
Animal abuse is wrong, no matter where in the world it takes place. A woman accused of poisoning a 5-month-old puppy in Iquitos, Peru, was recently convicted in the dog's death. 
After seven months of procedures, the 3rd Counsel Magistrates Court ordered Sandra Milagros Padilla Alvis to pay fines of 2,000 Peruvian Nuevo Soles, which will cost her one-fourth of her income for nearly seven months.
Padilla poisoned and killed the puppy named Arthas, owned by Alfredo Martín Díaz García. The court sentenced her for offenses against morality under an animal abuse and cruelty code.
The verdict in the impoverished part of South America sets a legal precedent in Peru. It came with the help of the nonprofit organization Amazon CARES, which has been in Peru since 2004.

(Molly Mednikow is the founder and executive director of Amazon CARES.)
Amazon CARES stands for Amazon Community Animal Rescue, Education, and Safety. It is the only animal welfare organization for domestic animals in the Amazon region.
(Arthas is the innocent victim in this case. )
"Amazon CARES, in partnership with the Iquitos Bar Association, had been working with legislative officials to enforce and strengthen animal cruelty laws,” says the group's founder and executive director, Molly Mednikow. “This case, of a [woman] intentionally poisoning and killing her neighbor's puppy, is the first case we have brought to trial.”
On Feb. 18, Padilla threatened to end the life of Arthas. The next day the woman stayed true to her word, poisoning and killing the little dog.

(Padilla was given a guilty verdict.) 
From its beginning, Amazon CARES has focused on community education about the rights of animals. Many local municipalities have used mass poisonings of stray animals as a method for population control. Thanks to Amazon CARES, this environmentally hazardous approach has been abandoned. The group undertook a campaign of educating, lobbying, and forming partnerships that promised a more humane approach to overpopulation through aimal birth control. 
When Mednikow got involved in the group, she recalls a local circus paying people for healthy dogs -- to feed to lions. Her group promptly chased the circus out of town.
For all their good work, however, cruelty toward animals remains.
After losing the puppy Diaz said it was time for justice. His speaking up is a sign of progress for Amazon CARES, which advocates people to stand up against such abuse.

(The owner of the puppy is speaking out about the crime.) 
“Maybe Amazon CARES has played a hand in reducing it, but the culture of Peru, like many Third World nations, is that street animals are pests, spreading disease and causing a public nuisance,” Mednikow says.

(Molly Mednikow has devoted her life to saving and helping animals.) 
Amazon CARES has a no-kill shelter and adoption program, although its main focus is on trap-neuter-return programs and education efforts. Learn more and get involved by visiting  One victory at a time.
I hate hearing about or reading about any form of abuse, especially something like this where an innocent puppy lost his life.  But how inspiring that Peru has done something about this.  It gives me hope that we will end violence towards animals throughout the world.

Tuesday, October 9

Little Girl and Stolen Dog Reunited

Could you imagine being a 10-year-old little girl that finally got your wish to have a puppy and then someone stole him away from you.  You would be heart broken for sure, but you would also want to move the sun and moon to bring your puppy home.  That is exactly the story of Marrisa Mabanag of San Jose, CA. 

A Northern California girl was reunited with her 5-month-old dog after he was stolen from her during a burglary at her San Jose home.
Marrisa Mabanag, 10, couldn't stop cuddling 5-month old Meeko after she was reunited with him Thursday.
The girl pleaded for his safe return, even offering the contents of her piggy bank as a reward. In addition to Mabanag's savings, San Jose police, firefighters unions, and Councilman Ash Kalra chipped and gathered $6,000 in reward money which was given to Blanca Del Real.
The woman says she found the shih tzu-Yorkie mix wandering in a Los Banos Target store parking lot located 80 miles away from his owner.
"I want to say thank you to everybody who made this happen. I just can't believe he's in my arms right now," said Mabanag. "I thought he'd be gone forever. I'm just so happy he's here right now."
Del Real accepted the reward money from officials but told Marissa to keep the contents of her piggy bank.

This story is a great reminder of what we can do when we work as a community.  Thank you ABC 7 for this story and congratulations to Marrisa on getting your puppy back safely.  

Monday, October 8

Grand Park Pooch Party

After the fun of CicLAvia are you looking for another fun, free, and dog friendly DTLA event?  This Sunday there will be another, the Grand Park Pooch Party, October 14th 12pm - 4pm!

This will be a celebration and launching of the third and final section of Grand Park which includes a dog run.

They are asking that only social dogs go, this means if your dog doesn't get along with other dogs or people, they should skip this event.  But if you do have a social dog, bring them!

There will be dog activities, a dog parade, celebrity pooches and more.  All they ask is that you register at the event if you wish to participate in the activities, your dog must be 6mo or older and they must be handled by a person 18yrs of age or older.

For more information you can bark on the link:  BARK!

I will be there walking around with my dog, if you have training or behavior questions, seek me out!  Just look for the purple!

Me and Neville hope to see you there!

Friday, October 5

Something Fun For The Weekend

Are you looking for something fun, outdoors and dog friendly?  The answer is cicLAvia!  Yes, cicLAvia is here this Sunday!  You can ride your bike, skateboard, skate, or walk... any way you do it, it is fun and you are sure to see some interesting people and rides!

This is a dog friendly event, but just because it is dog friendly doesn't mean it is right for your dog.  If your dog is not comfortable around a lot of bikes, people, skateboards, etc., you may want to either skip bringing him or limit his exposure.  Flooding a dog with this much stimulus not done in the correct way could go very wrong.  So, know your dog and what they can handle or at least stay present with them and when they tell you they have had enough, respect their limit.

Otherwise, bring your dog, your family and your friends.  This is always a great event that is not just Downtown but through a section of LA.  If you want to know more about the event, bark on the link:  BARK!

I will be out walking with friends and my dog, so when you see purple, be sure to say hi!

Have a fun weekend and don't forget to do something special with your dog.

Wednesday, October 3

What's Up Downtown October!

Holidays here we come!  Can you believe we are into October?  But that means Halloween will be here before we know it and there is a lot going on in Downtown all month long.

As usual, there is something for everyone, however, the list below is what I am most excited for.

The opera that is said to be a must see, Don Giovanni at the Dorthy Chandler Pavilion is on my list shows for sure.  It is playing until October 14th.

Looking for fun and exercise?  CICLAVIA is this Sunday, October 7th!  Ride it or walk it, it will be fun either way and it is a dog friendly event!  As well, if you are feeling a little more competitive, join the City Race: Quest for the Keys scavenger hunt on October 27th.

Looking for a fright night or to be spooked?  Downtown has a lot to offer for Halloween celebrations on and before Halloween.  Here are a few:
The Blumhouse of Horrors - Get frightened in this hunted house created by the producer of Paranormal Activity and Insidious.  Open October 4th - November 4th, get your tickets today.
Friday Night Fright Flicks in Pershing Square - Each Friday of October catch a scarey movie in the park.  It all starts this Friday, October 5th.
Screamfest Horror Film Festival - Don't miss this 12th annual horror film festival showcasing new genre films from all around the world in competition.  You can check this out at the L.A. Live Regal Theater October 12 - 21.
Halloween Party for Downtown LA Kids - This is the Fifth Annual Halloween party for kids and this year it will be at the beautiful Grand Park on October 31st!  If you have a kid or are a kid, don't miss the fun.

Those are great activities for you, but what about the new places to eat, right?!   As you know, this is my favorite thing to research.  I am excited to check out the new Colori Kitchen at 800 Figueroa St. for Lunch, so excited they opened a second location, but be sure to note, it is for LUNCH ONLY.  I am also looking forward to trying Cafe Noa at 816 S Grand.  I think we have all seen that Le Ka is now open at 800 W 6th, it is good for Happy Hour as well as their great restaurant.

Whatever you do, I hope it includes Downtown!  There is a lot to do and a lot of fun to be had.

Happy October!

Tuesday, October 2

11 Rare Dog Breeds

I saw this fun article in K9 Magazine online and I wanted to share it with you.  Most of these dogs you will probably recognize or at least a version of them, but it was fun to learn the proper names and the history behind them.

If you were stopped on the street and asked to name as many dog breeds that you could think of, how many could you come up with?
Worldwide we know of many popular types of dog breeds. Old favourites like the Labrador Retriever and Yorkshire Terrier. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier and the Golden Retriever. But what about those breeds which many people would simply have never heard of. The rare, hidden gems of the dog world. And world is very much the optimum word.
There are thousands of dog breeds from all over the world and here we’ll take a look at some of the breeds which might have flown under your radar.
The New Guinea Singing Dog breed has been around for thousands of years and seems to be one of the earliest recorded breeds known to man. Dog breeds like the Labrador Retriever or the German Shepherd have only existed for a short period of time in comparison to some breeds; with a record dating back to only the past few hundred years.
Pictured above, a New Guinea Singing Dog, singing. By R.G. Daniel.

When dogs first became domesticated many breeds of dog were bred for their functioning traits like behaviour, hunting and guarding. It was not until recently that dogs were bred for their distinctive appearance.Since we have moved into more modern times, a need for more types of dog has been met with the cross breeding of dogs to achieve a dog with certain behavioural characteristics and aesthetic looks.

Have you thought about hunting a bear lately? If so you might need a Beauceron Dog as that is originally what this dog was bred for. There is not an exact time frame of when this breed’s origin came into play, though we do know it did come from France, and the first possible written word of this breed dates to at least 1578. Many will understand the relation when they find out that this bred was one of the several thought to be used to create the Dobermann Pinscher.
Have you ever heard of the name Erdelyi Kopo? This dog is also known as the Transylvanian Hound! This breed has been around for what many consider a time dating as far back as the Middle Ages and is believed to have originated between Romania and Hungary. Grouped along with other scent hounds this rare breed is extremely smart and if left alone would need to be well secured to avoid this natural escape artist a way out.
There is also the Xoloitzcuintli (pronounced roughly as sho-lo-eets-quint-lee or sho-lo-skwink-le), or to make it easier the Mexican Hairless Dog or Xolo. This breed is native to both South and Central America and Mexico, it is known to vary in size anywhere from 10 pounds (4kg) to 50 pounds (20kb) and has been listed as both sacred dogs to the Aztecs along with now in modern times as the national dog for Mexico.
Would you like to have a Polish sheepdog? What about the Owczarek Podhalanski, more commonly known as the Polish Tatra Sheepdog. Most will speculate that this breed was first introduced into the world during the 14th century, near Tatra which is a Mountain region on the southern portion of Poland, however as with others in this guide you will see that not all records were kept as they are now in modern times.
The Cão Da Serra De Aires is a herding breed whose ancestors were mostly known for herding cows, pigs and even horses at times. We can estimate that the breed is close to 100 years old though many early breeders did not keep the best track record of dates. We do know from this breed that it is a type which has a high level of stamina and is able to adjust well to home life if given enough “running room”. This breed is also very clever, more than most when it comes to herding their livestock. These are working dogs, also social but the dog will become possessive of their territory if the need strikes.
Have you never noticed the very skinny breed called the Azawakh? Many only weigh in at 35-55 pounds (15-25kb) but due to their height tend to look a little on the skinny side. A rare dog breed that came from the pariah dogs in sub-Saharan Africa, this dog has a strong instinct for guarding as well as a digging habit.
Have you ever heard of a Taigan? This breed is a sight hound, a little larger than a medium height dog who’s colours range from black, to a black and white mix – even a brown/yellow. These hounds are great for work in rugged climates, with a thick coat and large lungs that allow it to work in higher elevations compared to other sight hounds.
The last time you caught a painting by Rembrandt or Steen did you wonder what type of dog that was? That would most likely be the Kooikerhondje or Kooiker Hound which is still new to some areas of the world, but has been around since the 17th and 18th century originating in the Netherlands. This breed comes with a waterproof coat, and while it is small in size can quickly put weight on with a healthy appetite so be sure to give this pooch a little work out if needed.
A lovely breed from Thailand is the Thai Bangkaew Dog, a medium sized dog who is protective of family but still friendly towards strangers. There are times the Bangkaew will show its stubborn side so patience is needed with this breed along with consistent reinforcement and training.

As a small hunting breed the Korean Jindo Dog can still stand carry its weight, originating from Jindo Island in South Korea this tail-wagger. Jindo’s are wonderful hunters with their pack sensibility, outstanding courage and cunning behaviour. Packs have been known to bring down large game like deer and boar, then allowing one to come back to the master leading it to the prey while the others stand guard.

I may be the only one that thinks that was fun, but I had a great time looking up photos of all these breeds.  I have had the fortune of knowing a Jindo for a number of years, but otherwise, I have never had interactions with any of these breeds.  The Xolo I have seen, but never worked with.  I think most of you as you went through the list immediately thought of the dog that was most closely related to these dogs, I know I did!  Now I am re-thinking the breed of my own dog!

Monday, October 1

Dog Found After Four Years!

I love stories with happy endings, especially when it is a story of a lost dog finding their way back home!  Get your tissues ready, I found myself crying with joy reading the details of this story.  Thank you Dogster for bringing us this story, enjoy the full story below.

Expecting their third child, Brandy and Dave Metcalf of Wake Forest, N.C., came up with a plan to calm the household during those often chaotic first months with a newborn: They decided to let Brandy's sister, Chelsee, dog-sit.
It was not a bad plan. They had a small house, two other children, and understood that Cassey, their Border Collie, might get shoved to the sidelines in all the commotion. It would be good for the dog -- a short vacation with a member of the family who knew and loved the dog, who could give her the attention she needed. Even if she lived in another city. 
“We just had our third child and we live in a small three-bedroom, so it was close quarters with baby stuff. We were just trying to give the newborn the attention she needs,” Metcalf told ABC News. “My sister was living alone in Charlotte and she’s not good at being alone and she’s known Cassey, so she got a roommate while we got past the newborn stage.”
Dave dutifully checked up on Cassey by phone for months, and Chelsee reassured him that all was fine. The phone calls got fewer and farther apart. After six months, Dave drove over to visit Chelsee and Cassey. The dog didn't run out to the car. The dog wasn't in the house at all. Cassey had run off. 
As Dave relates what his sister-in-law told him, "There was a lot going on at the house one day. Cassey is very intuitive about big noises and is very sensitive when it comes to sounds. Something startled her.” 
They searched for their dog, but she was nowhere to be found. Time passed, and the Metcalfs got on with their lives. Years passed -- four years passed -- but they never forgot Cassey. 
“We gave up hope a long time ago, but every day she was mentioned in our house,” Brandy told CBS 6 WTVR. “My daughter just said two days prior to [finding the dog] that ‘I wish we had our Cassey back.’”
Then, on September 11, the phone rang. Someone had Cassey. She was without a collar or tags, she was covered in fleas, and she had lost weight, but it was Cassey. A microchip confirmed it. The people who had found her -- Cheryl and Scott Smith of Charlotte -- had some trouble locating the Metcalfs, since the information on the chip was outdated, but they kept at it and within a few days had located Brandy's mother. 
(In fact, the Smiths even had trouble locating the microchip, since it had migrated from under Cassey's neck to under her ribs. The Smiths, who had met the dog three days earlier and were convinced she had come from a good home, had refused to leave the vet until it was found.)
The Metcalfs jumped in the car and drove to Charlotte, ecstatic. 
“It was a beautiful experience. You’re just in shock. You feel like this couldn’t be the miracle that you want it to be, that it’s too good to be true,” Brandy told CBS 6.
“When we got out of the car and called her name, and she came running up to us, it let us know for sure that yes, she remembered us,” she said. “She came right up and jumped in the van. She was ready to go home." 
 I am so excited for the Metcalfs that they have their dog back.  This is a pretty remarkable story!