Monday, November 18

Holiday Stroll Pooch Parade

The Holidays are just around the corner, what better time than now to celebrate your doggie?  Grab your pooch and lets stroll through the streets of Downtown, learn while having fun, and chill on a patio and socialize with other like-minded dog owners!

It brings me great pleasure to announce Bark & Clark's upcoming Pooch Parade! 

Please join us for the Holiday Stroll Pooch Parade on December 16th @ 7:30pm.
The evening will start with me, Certified Trainer, Tamara Clark, hosting a Holiday themed stroll through the streets of the Historical Core.  We will start our special evening with our pups by stopping in at Pussy & Pooch's Pawbar for a festive bite to eat.  Then the fun and learning will begin as we make our way through the bustling streets, spreading our holiday cheer.  After the work is done and the pups are tired, it is time to reward the humans with drinks and bites to eat of our own on a dog-friendly patio of a local favorite eatery.

Besides the obvious fun you will have, this is a great chance to learn about how to handle your dog downtown and in general with other dogs and humans.  The Holiday Stroll Pooch Parade workshop's primary focus will be on celebrating the relationship between you and your dog.  Secondary focus will be on the dogs socialization with congested city sidewalks (including dog on dog interactions), leash control, and focusing on you while dealing with distractions.  As well, we will have our usual education on the approved potty places and how to get your dog to go there. 
The benefit of working your dog in this environment is it helps reinforce their basic obedience and uses those skills to increase their focus on you - not all the distractions. We'll also work  on manners specific to the city, such as sitting at all intersections before crossing; sitting for introductions and the proper way to greet other dogs. 

We teach uptown manners for Downtown dogs! This class is so fun, it's more like an outing... So let's take a stroll through the city and focus on doggy's ability to deal with the public, the lively city and all the other pooches out and about.

I am so looking forward to this Pooch Parade, I hope I will see you all there and if you can't be there, I hope you will help spread the word!  

Be sure to RSVP by December 9th because space is limited.  The cost is $40/dog.

To sign up for this Pooch Parade, give us a bark:  BARK!

Saturday, November 2

Puppy Drop In Class

Are you looking for a safe way to socialize your puppy?  Do you need a little help with training here and there, but can't do a 5-week class?  Looking for a way to entertain your pup for an hour on Sunday's?

I have your answer!

Puppy Drop In Class Starting TOMORROW @ 12:30pm at the DTLA Vets location (333 S Spring).

Puppy Drop In class is $20/session and you  choose as many or as little sessions you want to join.  It will be happening every Sunday at the DTLA Vets location.  It is your chance to socialize your pup with other pups by having supervised play sessions, ask training questions from Certified Trainer Tamara Clark, and work on recall and walking and whatever else comes up in class.  It is a good hour of play and learning for your pup.

Drop In Class starts tomorrow, hope to see you there!