Friday, April 30

Here Comes May

May will be here tomorrow, can you believe it?  April seemed to fly by.  There is a lot going on in May, the first to remember is Mother's Day on May 8th. just put out their "What's Up Downtown" calendar for May.  Take a look and see what fun things you can do in May.

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Thursday, April 29


After 3 1/2 years, Jessica Cochran and Roby, her Pembroke Welsh Corgi were reunited.   Roby went missing out of Jessica's front yard when she lived in Texas about three and a half years ago.  She was then transferred out of state and was sure she would never see Roby again.  But as luck would have it, she received a certified letter from the San Angelo, TX animal shelter stating that they had Roby in their custody.  They identified him through a microchip implant.

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Wednesday, April 28

Let Them Be All They Can Be

I think most dog owners (and trainers) need a little reminding that sometimes pushing a dog into something they don't like or they are just not that good at, isn't best.  Sometimes if you focus on what they are good at, you will get much better results.  This video is a touching story to illustrate just that.

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Tuesday, April 27

"How Ruff Could It Be?"

That is the campaign slogan for Woodrow, an Austin, TX dog running for the Texas Governor seat.  Woodrow's owner, Lori Michel was frustrated with politics and looking for a way to raise money for an organization near and dear to her heart, Pet Alive, and thought why not?   So, Woodrow is officially running for Texas Governor!

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Monday, April 26

Buddy the German Shepherd Hailed as Hero

Buddy, a German Shepherd in Alaska was hailed as a hero for saving his family and their house from a fire.  Buddy lead an Alaskan State Trooper right to the fire.  

What an amazing story.  It never ceases to amaze me what the love of a dog can accomplish.

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Friday, April 23

This Dog is Tired

This has been a busy, but exhausting week.  In honor of it, here are some dogs that feel as tired as I do.

Have a very happy Friday and a great weekend.

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Thursday, April 22

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day everyone!  Do something kind for the earth today.

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Wednesday, April 21

Barking at Chicago!

If you are looking for something to do in the next couple of weeks, I suggest going to see Chicago at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood.  I got to see the show last night and had a great time.  Nothing can put you in a good mood faster than seeing the sexy and unique stylings of Bob Fosse on stage!  It was a great production and I hope you all go out and support it.

Hope this helps you get over the hump on this Hump Day.

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Tuesday, April 20

How Has Last Year's $500 Million Stimulus Helped Downtown?

In February of 2009 congress passed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.  Out of the $787 billion initiative, $500 million was awarded to Downtown Los Angeles entities.  This article published in yesterday's online Los Angeles Downtown News gives you a great view of what is happening with the money and where it has gone thus far. 

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Monday, April 19

Animal Neglector Put Behind Bars

On April 7, 2010 the German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County received a call from a good samaritan who had secured a 3 yr-old German shepherd from a neglectful situation.  His name is Courage and he spent 5 to 6 weeks being tied to a stake in the back yard without food or water.   German Shepherd's are usually between 75lbs - 80lbs, Courage weighed 37lbs and continues to struggle to regain his health.

After a little over a week a suspect has been arrested for this horrific crime, Kimberly Nizato, 26 out of Bellflower, CA.  The most alarming thing about Kimberly Nizato is that she is a part time veterinary attendant.  How can someone that spends so much of their time assisting in the health and well being of animals be so cruel to their own?  A question we may never know, but hopefully with the care and love being given to Courage, he will make a full recovery and find a happy home in the future.

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Friday, April 16

Things To Do This Weekend

If you are looking for a bit of fun this weekend, check out the Orange County Pet Expo.  There will be a Splash Dogs event on site for you to watch or even try out with your dog if you get there during a practice or open time (you do have to ask).  You will also find Agility booths, Police dogs, dog rescues and of course lots of dogs.  Besides a lot of fun, there are many demonstration booths so you can learn a thing or two as well.

Orange County Pet Expo 2010

EVENT: America’s Family Pet Expo
WHEN: April 16, 17, and 18, 2009
HOURS: Friday, 10AM – 6PM; Saturday, 10AM – 7PM; Sunday, 10AM – 6PM
WHERE: OC Fair and Event Center
88 Fair Drive, Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Show Prices:
General Admission – $12.00
Seniors 60 & over – $10.00
Children 6-12 – $6.00
5 yrs and Under – FREE

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Pussy & Pooch is hosting Paws on the Patio - Pet Adoption Day this Saturday, April 17, 2010.  They are partnering with LA Animal Services Mobile Pet Adoptions (North Central Animal Shelter) and will be giving free food (up to $25) with each adoption.  P&P will also have a list of all the essentials you will need to welcome home your dog or cat.
Here are the details of the event, I hope you can all support our local pet shop.
Time: April 17, 2010 from 11am to 4pm
Location: Pussy & Pooch
For more information on this adoption event bark on the link:  Bark!

 The 6th annual Nuts for Mutts 5k walk-a-thon is being held this Sunday, April 18, 2010 in Calabasas.  This year will include an expanded pet-friendly exhibit area and children’s activities, a canine fashion show, a dog training clinic, and more.
The details of the event are as follows:
When: Sunday - April 18th, 2010
Registration Begins 8:00am
Walk Starts 9:30am

Where: The Agoura Hills/Calabasas Community Center in Calabasas, CA
27040 Malibu Hills Road
Calabasas, CA 91301
818-880-2993 phone
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Thursday, April 15


Just a friendly Bark & Clark reminder that today is tax day.  Don't forget to file your taxes today, they must be post marked by midnight.  Unfortunately the IRS will not accept the excuse of  "my dog ate my taxes".

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Wednesday, April 14

Archie the Therapy Dog

On this past Saturday as I was getting ready to go teach class, I happen to catch a very special story on an animal show that was on t.v.  The story was about Archie the Newfoundland Therapy dog at Casa Pacifica in Camarillo, CA.  This is a home for abused, neglected, or at-risk children.  The difference Archie has made to this home is remarkable.  The stories of how Archie has helped range from a little girl who would not talk to anyone but Archie, to a young man that was lost and felt no love from anyone until he met Archie.  Words cannot truly describe the bond and love that is between these kids and Archie, the video did a far better job of capturing that.  Watching Archie, this huge dog, just give out love to these kids was so touching and to see the kids running and playing and most importantly laughing.  The cutest thing was Archie waiting at the bus drop off for all the kids to return home, what a welcome that must be!

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Tuesday, April 13

New York's Oldest Dog

Meet Paco Sosa, a 20 year old Daschound and better known as New York's oldest dog.  Paco is 140 years old in human years and is still in good health.  He turned 20 this past September. 
Paco has been on a regular exercises routine his whole life, eats organic poultry, fish and fruit; and according to Dr. Talia Goldberg of Park East Animal Hospital, where Paco has been treated since 1990, this is not the only factor in Paco's longevity.  Paco's owner has given him acupuncture, physical therapy, Eastern therapy — she goes well beyond for him.  
It is safe to say that Paco has lead a very happy and full life and has an owner that makes sure he gets not only all the love he can handle, but a comprehensive wellness program too.  What a lucky dog!

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Monday, April 12

Film Festival Comes Downtown

The Los Angeles Film Festival will be moving from its previous home in Westwood to Downtown and is due to take place June 17-27.
The schedule and details are not finalized, but the thus far the venues will include California Plaza, the Downtown Independent, Regal Cinemas at L.A. Live, the Grammy Museum, the Nokia Theatre, the Orpheum and REDCAT. 
We are barking with excitement that the Film Festival will be celebrated on our turf!

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Friday, April 9

Shakespeare Downtown

If you are looking for something to do this Saturday evening, April 10th, the Shakespeare Center Los Angeles is launching its inaugural Spring Mainstage indoor production of Romeo & Juliet.  After undergoing a 6 month $500,000 renovation, the center is able to have productions indoors.  Formerly they were known as the Shakespeare Festival/LA and held yearly summer outdoor performances at the plaza at Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels.  
You can help support the Shakespeare Center Los Angeles celebrate their 25 years by attending their production of Romeo & Juliet, run dates: April 10, 17, and 24.  For tickets you can call (213) 481-2273 or

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Thursday, April 8

"Through a Dog's Eyes"

A documentary that I can't wait to see is "Through a Dog's Eyes".  It premiers on April 21, 2010 on PBS (check your local listing) and is narrated by Neil Patrick Harris.  It takes a look at service dogs and the relationship they hold with the human they serve.  You get a behind the scenes look at the training of the service dogs, but you also get a close up view of the people they help and the bond that the two have.  I can't help saying that this is a real passion of mine.  The relationship alone between the service dog and human is one of the most amazing I have seen, but the training and more importantly the trainers are really remarkable as well.  These dogs are truly special and I am so happy they are being honored with this documentary.  I hope you all tune in.

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Wednesday, April 7

Dogs Using Their Noses

One of the most amazing things I have had the pleasure of watching is a dog using their nose.  It is next to impossible for us humans to really understand how it works and certainly our noses cannot even begin to compare.  But when you are in a room or outside watching them search for something specific or just hunt for fun, you really get to see what a natural reward smelling is for them.  
For the last year and a half I have been involved in learning and assisting instructing Fun Nosework, which is having a dog search for either Birch, Anise, or Clove for fun.  To watch these dogs have a blast doing what they do best is inspiring on some levels and just pure joy on others.  The sport was founded after the idea of how bomb detection dogs work.

In recent months I found myself glued to the news waiting for the police to find one and possibly two missing girls in San Diego.  As they recovered one girl, one still was missing.  The sad part of all of this is that rescue and recovery dogs had been searching for this girl  about six months prior and the dogs had alerted like crazy, but the police did not have enough belief in the dogs to listen...they finally recovered the body not very far from where the dogs had alerted.
The entire story was covered by the LA times, I encourage you to read it.
Trust your dogs noses, they are much better than yours.

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Tuesday, April 6

Dog Driver Causes Parking Lot Collision

Have you ever wondered what your dog is doing in your car while they wait for you?  Well this dog bumped the gear shift and the SUV rolled back into another car!  Zena, a black lab, was waiting in the car for her owner to finish lunch at a T.G.I. Friday's in Wisconsin.  She was most likely bored and somehow bumped the stick shift into neutral causing the car to roll 75 feet into a pickup truck.  Besides a little embarrassment, everyone is fine.
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Monday, April 5

Picking Up After Your Dog


I'm sure by now we have all seen the postcard hand out from the city giving us the dos and don'ts of picking up after your dog and where they can go.  This is becoming a bigger deal as the amount of dogs increase Downtown.  I know as I am walking everyday I see a LOT of poo that has not been picked up and though I try to pick up what I see to help out, this is becoming a real problem.  There is a pending lawsuit in Virginia against a Petsmart, one of the patrons in the store did not pick up after their dog right away and a man slipped in feces and claims to have injured his back, head and lost 4 false teeth.  The suite is for $1 million!  Though there is no way at this point to know if the case will be successful, how scary for us dog owners that it is one more way we can be sued for all we own.  I'm sure there are not a lot of people out there that would sue a private party, but if they are starting to sue the pet friendly stores, how much longer until they sue the city for the same thing and after that it is only a matter of time before they come after the private parties.  So, let it be a warning for all of us and just clean up the poop.

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Friday, April 2

Wine Shop Coming to the Rowan Building

The owner of LA Cafe is bringing a new wine shop to the corner of 5th and Spring.  They are targeting a early fall open date.  The store will feature more than 100 bottles and will also stock a range of beers.   The neighborhood will certainly appreciate this shop.
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Thursday, April 1

With Spring Comes the Return of the Butterflies

In just over a week the Natural History Museum will re-open their Butterfly exhibit with more than 40 species on display.  The exhibit is open until September, so you have plenty of time to see it.  If you have never been to a Butterfly exhibit, I would highly encourage you to go (if you do not have a phobia about moths and butterflies).  It is truly a beautiful thing to see. 
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