Friday, November 30

Fun Friday

My content this week has been on the heavy side, so I wanted to lighten things up and get you in the holiday spirit.  These are two videos that I was sent from multiple people.  They both make me smile and even giggle a little. 

The first is our First Dog, Bo Obama, taking us through the white house.  Amazing how we have seen him grow up in front of our eyes.

The second is a cute video of a dog and baby, the dog might be imitating the baby or vice versa or they may be having their own conversation!

Have a great weekend and don't forget to do something special with your dog!

Thursday, November 29

The Movie "Shadow Trade"

This morning Dogster had a post I am re-posting here about the movie "Shadow Trade".  It is a documentary on the Soi Dog Foundation in Thailand, the foundation is working hard to stop the illegal dog-meat trade.  I will warn you that the video included in this blog has some images that are hard to see, but they are the reality of what is happening.  I also want to point out that Thailand is a third world country and many people have no choice but to take whatever job they can to support their family.  I hope you can help this film by helping back it, but if you can't, please forward this to anyone that is a dog lover, like it on Facebook and re-post on Facebook.  We can raise awareness and that is as much of the goal as raising money.

One of our favorite charities, Soi Dog Foundation, is working hard to end the illegal dog-meat trade in Thailand. But accomplishing heroic rescues is simply not enough -- to spare stolen pets from the butcher's knife, there's an urgent need to raise global awareness of the terrible fate of Thai dogs who fall into criminal hands.

(A truck loaded with dogs intended for the meat trade was intercepted by the Soi Dog Foundation.)
An efficient way to do that is through the powerful medium of film. London-based Environment Films is producing a documentary for Soi Dog Foundation called Shadow Trade: The Price of Loyalty. To complete the project, the filmmakers have created a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGogo, which ends in a few days.

Backing a film made possible through crowdfunding is a uniquely rewarding experience -- but it's doubly rewarding when the movie's mission is to help dogs in desperate need and dire circumstances. "The dog meat trade must end," is this film's to-the-point slogan. We couldn't agree more. And the filmmakers promise that any extra funds that are raised will go toward helping the dogs themselves.

(Soi Dog Foundation suspects many of the dogs were family pets who were stolen and rounded up into cages.)
As the Shadow Trade IndieGogo campaign winds down, show you care by becoming a backer. If that's not in your budget, please help spread the word by giving Trade of Shame a "Like" on Facebook. The dogs of Thailand will thank you.

Wednesday, November 28

Help Little Ted Find A Home

Here is another great dog looking for a home.  I met Ted on Monday night, his current guardians took him in after he was found tethered to a cinder block in the middle of North Hollywood.  He was chipped and when the service contacted his listed owners, the man said that he and his girlfriend had adopted Ted when he was 4 months old and now they are broken up, the girl moved and he didn't want the dog any longer so he tied him to a cinder block where someone could find him.  Sad and cruel!

So now Ted is with a kind couple that are giving him food & water, shelter, and love, but they already have a dog.  Unfortunately, this situation will not work for them for many reasons, so they are desperately trying to find a forever home for Ted.

We know a little bit about Ted, he is about 1 1/2 yrs., knows sit, down, stay, roll-over, and shake, is extremely food motivated and is a very affectionate dog.  We do not know how he is with kids or cats.  Based on what he has shown his current guardians it appears that he has a little separation issues, so he will chew things when you are gone if not set up correctly and he has some dog issues, he is showing some aggression.

I believe the best situation for him is to be in a home as an only dog with a person or couple that is willing to put the time and effort in for training and exercise.

Ted was a true delight to work with, he is so smart and eager to please and just a cute little guy!

If you are interested in Ted or know someone that is, please give us a bark or call 213.321.6319

Though I am happy to do my part, it is so sad that in a matter of a couple of weeks I met two dogs that have been abandoned by their humans.  At the same time, I am so moved at the compassion and love that strangers have found in their hearts for these two amazing dogs.

Please help me spread the word.

Tuesday, November 27

Help Tricky Find A Home

I had the pleasure of meeting this amazing dog named Tricky.  Believe it or not, Tricky lives on the street in an industrial area of Downtown.  The equally amazing people that found him and have continued to take care of him have been forced to keep him on the streets as they cannot get him into a car and he gets scared when walking too far away from his "home".  We are hopeful to get him indoors soon, but the trust had to be built slowly.  Also, there is another issue, we know so little about Tricky, we have no idea how he will behave indoors or with cats.

The couple that found him would like nothing more than to keep him, however, they have a few cats and very small apartment.  Tricky is a large Shepherd mix, so they are doing what they feel is best for Tricky, and trying to find a good home.

Tricky is a beautiful, friendly and smart dog.  I believe he belonged to someone at some point and was trained.  He knows a few of the basics, sit, down, heel, and shake.  In the hour that I worked with him, he was so willing to work and learn.  It took a few moments for him to warm up to me, but for a street dog that is pretty amazing.

His size and beauty are something to admire, especially when he runs.  He would be an excellent dog for a hiker or runner.  He is going to need a home where he can get the proper physical exercise and mental stimulation.

If you are interested in Tricky or know someone that is, please give us a bark or call 213.321.6319.

Monday, November 26

After A Long Weekend

It is good to be back after a long weekend away.  I had a great Thanksgiving with friends, but I had to miss out on time with my dog.  I missed him SO much!  It was very apparent that the feeling was mutual as I picked him up this morning from the kennel. 

There are times that humans go and do things that K-9's cannot or should not depending on your dog.  I happened to spend my Thanksgiving in Death Valley camping and though Neville could've come to campsite, he was not welcome in the National Park.

Most everyone there obeyed this, but there were a handful of people that I noticed with small dogs carrying them in certain places that I know dogs were not allowed.  Anyone with a big dog obeyed all the signs, but I also believe that is because we have no choice.  Why is it that little dog owners get to do a lot more with their dogs than we do with our big dogs?

I think some of it is simply they don't get seen, what people do not see, they will not address.  Afterall, it is easy to carry a little Pomeranian in somewhere, it is barely detected.  If I walk my 40lb dog in somewhere he shouldn't be, it is noticed immediately.   I think if the rule is no dogs, then big or small there should be no dogs.  Otherwise, revise the rule to no big dogs.

The reunion this morning made up for it all.  I love it when he is so happy he sings!  I think I may have jumped around as much as he did when we finally made it home.  Now we are onto the being mad at me phase, this will be the rest of the day.  But I will make it up to him!

Wednesday, November 21

Happy Thanksgiving!

The next few days will probably be busy with prepping your big meal and preparing for visitors or getting yourself ready to go somewhere, local or far away.  In all this shuffle, don't forget your dog.  There is more than just Thanksgiving itself, there is Black Friday.  I know many of you plan on leaving the house early in the morning and shop all day.  Just make sure you make the proper arrangements for your pooch.  They will still need their potty breaks, exercise and affection from you.

In all the excitement of the holiday, don't forget all the safety tips.  Keep your dog away from the food and decorations.  If you are putting up a tree this weekend, be sure to watch your pooch with the tree decorations, many look like toys and they are of course very dangerous for dogs (and cats).

Whatever you do, where ever you go, have a very happy and safe Thanksgiving and don't forget to do something special with your dog!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Tuesday, November 20

Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Your Dog - Part 2

Returning for the third year in a row, below is part 2 of my two part Thanksgiving Safety Tips for your Dogs.  This focus' on the food and all the do's and don'ts when it comes to your dog.

This is a wonderful time of year for us humans and it can be for our four-legged friends as well.  But it also can be scary and in some cases dangerous.  I know this is a holiday for sharing and being thankful, but we shouldn't share everything with our dogs (bark for a list of items for your dog to avoid).  Dogster has put out a great list of tips to help us out for the holiday and I really found it to be useful.

Stuff Your Turkey, Not Your Dog

It's easy to want to give your dog a big fat bowl of turkey, mashed potatoes, and whatever else you think she might enjoy. But that's a bad idea. Overindulging in fatty foods can lead to an upset stomach, diarrhea, or a life-threatening condition called pancreatitis. A few strips of turkey on a dog's normal food is fine, but don't overdo it, no matter how she may plead with her "I'm STARVING" eyes. Keep in mind that turkey skin can wreak havoc with a dog's digestive system, so make sure she gets skinless, boneless turkey.

Stuff Your Dog's Kong, Not Your Dog

Here's a great way to keep your dog busy and happy during your meal. Put a bit of your dog's regular food in a Kong, and then stuff a little boneless turkey, sweet potatoes, gravy - just a tad, mind you - in the Kong. It's not much food, but it will keep him occupied for a long time.

Make no Bones About It

Cooked turkey bones can be a danger to your dog. They're sharp, and potentially very dangerous. You may not know a dog has a turkey bone lodged in your dog's digestive system for days. Don't leave plates with bones lying around. Ditto for the turkey carcass. Hungry dogs have been known to run off with the remains of a carved turkey. It can happen in the blink of an eye. You notice the turkey is gone. You notice the dog is gone. With luck, you find their hiding place before anything happens. Put plates in an unreachable area if you can't dispose of everything properly right away.

Know this Sage Wisdom

Sage and some other herbs have essential oils that can cause tummy upset and central nervous system depression if a dog eats them in large quantities. Most dogs aren't going to nosh on a fistful of sage, but keep herbs out of reach just in case.

Don't Cry Over Onions

Onions are toxic to dogs. They can lead to a dangerous form of anemia that may not be detected for days. Make sure your dog stays away from the pearly whites, and yellows, and reds.

Don't Give Her the Raw Deal

Unless your dog is already on a raw diet, we wouldn't recommend plopping a piece of raw turkey in her bowl (the change from her regular food might cause an upset stomach). But more importantly, keep your pup away from the uncooked dough for bread or rolls. What helps make dough rise? Heat. If a dog eats raw dough, what's it like for the dough in the dog's stomach? Warm. The dough rises in the dog's stomach, and if the dog has eaten enough, the swollen dough can cause pain, vomiting, and bloating -- conditions that can send you to the doggy ER on Thanksgiving.

Don't forget that chocolate is also toxic to dogs, the most toxic being baking chocolate, the least being milk chocolate. 

I hope these tips have helped!  Have a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

Don't forget to do something fun with your dogs.

Monday, November 19

Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Your Dogs Part 1

Last year I did a 2 part Thanksgiving Safety Tips blog, it was well received and I have had many requests that I run them again.  So, I have decided to do just that.  Please enjoy part 1 of Thanksgiving Safety Tips for your Dog.

With Thanksgiving only a couple of days away, I wanted to post some safety tips for your dogs.  Today I want to focus just on the people aspect of the day.  You may have people coming over to your home, you may be going to someone else's home with your dog or just on your own, leaving your dog at home.

Let's start with people coming to your home.  Depending on the temperament of your dog, you may want to crate your dog as people arrive, then let your pooch out to roam and explore and get use to all the new people in your home on their own.  If you have a shy or fearful dog, you will most certainly want to do this and instruct all the people to just let the dog approach them, not chase after your dog for a pat on the head.  As well intentioned as that can be, your dog will just be scared. 

If your dog is a jumper, you may want to crate him or just put on his leash and get him to sit as people enter the home.  You wouldn't want your dogs paws to ruin your guests clothes or end up in the pumpkin pie!

Taking your dog to someone else's home can be nice, since your best friend will get to join in the day with you.  But it can also be tricky.  You should first make sure the home you are visiting is okay with your dog coming into it and likewise, you should make sure it is okay with your dog to go there.  For example, will there be children there, other dogs, lots of people?  If all of these things are okay with your dog, have a fun day.  But if these are scary things for your dog, you may want to rethink bringing your pooch along or bring their crate or bed so they have something to comfort them.  Also, having their own space will allow them to go somewhere to stay out of trouble.

Lastly, if you are leaving your dog at home all day, pay attention to the time.  Though your dog may be fine for 8 hours, don't push it.  Try to get home to let them out in a reasonable amount of time.  It will help to do a big walk before you leave or if you have time, do a hike in the morning.  Even a walk with some fetch time will be good.  Just try to get some energy out before you ask them to stay home all day.

No matter what you do, be safe and have fun and take your dog's needs into consideration for all your plans.

Thursday, November 15

Flirting with the Holidays the Day After

We walked, we worked, we ate and we even flirted a little!  Last night's Flirting with the Holidays Pooch Parade was great fun! We all had a blast.  For the second time in a row, I had a group of small dogs, no big dogs (except my Neville) showed up.  But boy do those small dogs know how to have fun!

The night was beautiful for us, the sky was clear, the weather was really perfect, not too chilly.  The dogs were all in the mood to learn and some to flirt!  We started in Pershing Square and had a good walk down 6th street as all the dogs showed off their walking skills... or what we needed to work on.  We got the first few exercises done and the dogs were surprisingly focused, even the two puppies in the group.  So, it was off to their big reward, Pussy & Pooch Pawbar!

As usual, we were treated like royalty in Pussy & Pooch.  Complete A+, VIP treatment.  By the end of our visit all my clients, both human and K-9 were glowing!  Thank you Pussy & Pooch for your amazing service and making us all feel at home.

We continued on our way with more work.

All the dogs did great!  They worked very hard.  Even though they were tired at the end, their focus was fantastic!   At this point in the evening, it was time to reward ourselves, so we headed to Portofino's for some yummy food and wine.   Thank you Portofino's for the delicious food and the cheese cake was amazing!

Neville agrees, it was a perfect evening and we can't wait to do it again in February.  None of these would be possible without the help that I get, thank you all of you, you know who you are! 

So keep your eyes peeled for our next Pooch Parade!

For more pictures of the Pooch Parade, check out our Facebook page!

Wednesday, November 14

7 of Michael Vick's Rescued Dogs Reunited

Something I say all the time is that dogs are the most resilient creatures I know.  They can go through the most horrendous experiences and most can move on, forget, and be rehabilitated.  Truly amazing.  No dogs demonstrate this more than those that were rescued and rehabilitated from Michael Vick.

Dogster had a story this morning about a reunion of 7 of these dogs.  It is touching to see how happy each of these dogs are.  To think what they came from and then to see them now, it warms my heart.

Five years ago, the Pit Bull advocacy group BAD RAP left Virginia with 10 of Michael Vick's dogs "secreted" in the back of its RV, according to ABC News. The group had worked with prosecutors on the case to identify which dogs could be rehabilitated.
All of them went to good homes, and all are doing well. Last month, seven of the dogs were reunited for a photo shoot and a celebration. 

Do you know how hard it is to get seven dogs to pose for a picture? 
They have a lot to celebrate. If there was any question in the public's mind that Vick's abused dogs -- trained to fight -- could not only be rehabilitated but turned into loving, happy dogs, it's gone. 
All seven have Canine Good Citizen Certificates. Three work as therapy dogs in hospitals and children’s literacy programs. One, Jonny Justice, appeared on the Rachel Ray Show and won GUND's Top Dog contest -- his likeness will soon show up as one of GUND's famous stuffed dogs. 
“They’re very forgiving, and they all really enjoy other dogs, which is probably the other big surprise that came out of the case,” said Donna Reynolds, director of BAD RAP. “In fact, dogs were a comfort to them.”
“Dogs live in the moment; they don’t dwell on the past,” she continued. “Once they have enough positive experiences to draw on, they just run right into the present.”

We love these dogs. 
And the present is a fun place. At the reunion, the dogs had the time of their lives -- what dog wouldn't, surrounded by a pack of well-adjusted, happy dogs, all of whom happened to look a lot alike?
“There were lots of hugs, kisses, lots of crying. When people meet these dogs, they cry,” Reynolds said. “They understand that they are little pieces of positive history.”
The only one who had trouble was the photographer, Mark Rogers. Imagine trying to wrangle seven wiggly dogs and their adopters to one good picture. 
Actually, you don't have to imagine it. Watch the wiggly wiggliness of the photo shoot right here:

Tuesday, November 13

Neighbors Crossing The Line

One of the many things I love about living in Downtown is the sense of community within the resident buildings and within each neighborhood.  But the community you build with your immediate neighbors, those next door or just on your floor are not only nice but important.  These are the people you share a living space with, which can lead to friendships or at least neighborly talks and watching out for one another.

I consider it neighborly to talk to your neighbor if something is bothering you, like a barking dog.  I certainly understand if this didn't work and you were fed up you might go to security and complain.  But how on earth would someone get it in there head that it would be okay to kick in a neighbors door because their dog was barking?

Well that is exactly what happened to one of the residents in my building on a different floor.  He was gone for about 20 minutes on Sunday, his dog is having some issues staying in his crate, so he barks.  Mind you this was the middle of the day.  An "irate man" went to the front desk and complained, and by the time the guy that owned the dog got home, his door was kicked in.  Was it the "irate man"?  I would say it probably is, but when the cops asked him directly if it was, he said no and everyone took his word for it.  Except the owner of the dog.

My first thought was what did he do to the dog?  But the dog seems fine, it seems that the door was the only thing hurt.

My second thought was why are the police not charging someone with breaking and entering?  But they are calling it vandalism and not investigating.

The sense of community I enjoy so much is being threatened to some degree.  When we start turning on our neighbors this way, we loose all trust.  Having an enemy as a neighbor is not fun and in this environment could be torture.  But besides all that, we literally live on top of each other, you have to have some tolerance and patients.  I know it can be annoying and irritating for a dog to bark and bark or music to be too loud too late or people yelling in the hallway at 3am on a weekday night.  But guess what?  We all signed up for it when we decided to live in a community like this in the middle of the city.

If you want a more quite and peaceful environment, I suggest moving to the suburbs or at least not living in an apartment building.  But no matter how annoyed you are it never gives you the right to kick in your neighbors door!

Man that did this... be glad it was not my door!  I wouldn't stop bothering the police and the building until they something about it.  Though it may not seem like it, I truly believe you did something to that dog when you entered the apartment.  Since they cannot prove anything, nothing will happen to you.  So we have to leave it to karma.

Monday, November 12

Happy Veterans Day

Thank you to all that are serving or have served and both human and K-9.  Today we give our thanks, honor you and remember those of you that are no longer here.

The bond between human military and their K-9 counterparts are amazing and something that I find quite remarkable.   All the pictures below tell the stories.

Happy Veterans Day!

Thursday, November 8

6 Ways to Help Hurricane Sandy Pets had a list of 6 ways to help pets affected by Hurricane Sandy.  I know we are all looking for ways to help the people and the pets.  It is pretty easy to find a source to help the humans that suffered the storm, but helping the pets have not been that publicized.  Below is the post from, I hope you are able to help in some way, these pets need our help.

The northeast is still reeling from Hurricane Sandy's damage that has left parts of New York, New Jersey and many other states crippled. Amongst those who can be counted as victims of this storm are the animals of those affected. The storm separated many pets from their owners, but even those that were able to stick together are now left stranded without the necessary supplies to get by.
While the hurricane can be considered historically one of the worst storms to ever strike the region, there is good news; despite the devastation, we can help those in need by making the choice to donate to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. For those willing and able to help the animals affected by the storm, we've put together a list of organizations taking donations to aid the storm's four-legged victims.
1. Alley Cat Allies
Alley Cat Allies is dedicated to protecting the lives of the nation's cats, including those affected by this latest superstorm. Visit their website to find out how they are helping out and how your donations will help those in need.
2. Kitty Kind's Sandy Relief Fund
Kitty Kind is a non-profit, no-kill shelter located in New York City. Dedicated to saving the animals in their region, they've set up a special Hurricane Sandy relief fund, of which all proceeds will go towards helping Sandy's victims. Donate to their relief fund on ChipIn to help today.
The ASPCA prides itself on always being at the forefront in the world of animal welfare. The devastation left behind by Hurricane Sandy has left many in need, and as such this organization has taken swift action to set up a relief fund to aid affected animals. Visit the ASPCA's donation page to find out how you can help the hurricane's victims today.
4. Humane Society of the United States
The Humane Society of the United States is on the ground as we speak caring for animals affected by Hurricane Sandy, but will need the help of donors to make their efforts a continued success. For those interested in helping out, visit the HSUS donation page today.
Both before and after natural disasters, PETA is constantly collecting funds that will be used to aid disaster victims. Hurricane Sandy qualifies as a disaster, and some of the proceeds from PETA's Animal Emergency Fund will certainly be used to help animals affected by the superstorm. Donate today to lend a helping hand.
6. Petfinder
Various Petfinder affiliated shelters and rescues were affected thanks to the superstorm, and as such Petfinder is providing a database of sorts of New York and New Jersey shelters in need. Check out their shelter listings here and visit each shelter's respective website to donate and make a difference.
By making the choice to donate to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts, you are helping not only animals, but the people who are experiencing the storm's debilitating aftermath.

Wednesday, November 7

What's Up Downtown November!

Happy November!!  Can you believe we are only a couple of weeks away from Thanksgiving and then the end of the year will be here in no time!  So as we enter into this holiday season, there are a few things to check out downtown.

First is a shameless plug for my own, Flirting with the Holidays Pooch Parade on November 14th @ 7pm, if you have not signed up, do it today!

Looking for something fun that will get you into winter, but enjoy our weather... my favorite thing, Downtown on Ice opens on November 15th in Pershing Square.  There is nothing better than ice skating in the middle of the city usually in a tank top!

I am also very excited about Madame Butterfly coming to the LA Opera.  The show opens on November 17th, but get your tickets soon.

There are a few new places I want to try as well, Men Oh Tokushima Ramen in Little Tokyo if you are looking for some authentic ramen, Test Kitchen in the Arts District for something new and different and cutting edge, and UrbanX Tavern across from LA Live to grab a drink and some food before or after a game or to get together to watch your favorite team.

Downtown is a fun and exciting place, there is always something going on and there is always a little something for everyone!

Happy November!

Tuesday, November 6

Don't Forget To VOTE Today!

Election day is here, so don't forget to get out and VOTE today!  I went this morning and the line was long, but everything moved pretty quickly.

I brought Neville with me as he likes to be in on these things, but when I saw how long the line was, I knew he would be too anxious, so I took him home.  When I came back, I was surprised that there were at least two other dogs in line.  At another polling place I passed, there were a few dogs.

I am happy we are including our K-9 friends where we can, I think it helps keep you calm and the crowds happy.  That being said, this something that should only be enjoyed by dogs that can handle this type of environment. 

The important thing today is to get out and vote.  It doesn't matter if your dog is there, what time you go or if you are alone or not, it just matters that you go.

The polls are open until 8pm tonight, so be sure to get out and make your voice heard!  VOTE!

Monday, November 5

Flirting with the Holidays Pooch Parade!

Have you signed up yet for the Flirting with the Holidays Pooch Parade?  If your answer is no, you better make your move soon because we are almost out of space! 

This Pooch Parade will take place in the Historical Core District on November 14th @ 7pm.  We will stop in at Pussy & Pooch for deluxe treats from the fabulous Pawbar, prance through the streets, stopping from time to time for fun and educational exercises and at the end sit down at the dog-friendly patio of Portofino Cucina for some nibbles, sips and great conversation.

The Flirting with the Holidays Pooch Parade will be focusing on your dog's socialization with congested sidewalks, leash control around other dogs and humans, and getting your dog's focus on you.  As well, we will have our usual education on the approved potty places and how to get your dog to go there. 

If you haven't sent me an email to get your spot, don't delay any longer, you only have until November 9th to RSVP!

To RSVP now, bark on the link:  BARK!

Thursday, November 1

Alan Titchmarsh Takes On Cesar Millan

Dogster posted a story this morning about the British talk show host, Alan Titchmarsh, taking on Cesar Millan in a heated interview.  This comes on the heels of another article that was shared by other popular personalities coming out against Millan and his methods.  That article I will be posting next week, but I thought I would share this one with you today.

Anyone that reads this blog understands that I am not a Millan fan, nor do I respect the methods he uses on dogs.  It is not just a matter of disagreeing, I find it abusive towards the dogs.  As well, I am called to homes all too often that have been watching numerous episodes of the Dog Whisperer and have tried to replicate his methods on their own dog.  This makes my training so much more difficult because before I can even address the real problems, I have to recover the dog and repair the relationship between dog and owner.  I witness his methods NOT working. 

Below is the blog from Dogster, as well as the clip from the interview. 

Plenty of people don't agree with the methods of the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan. Daytime chat-show host Alan Titchmarsh is one of them, in a very big way. Last Thursday on London's The Alan Titchmarsh Show, he let Millan have it -- and have it, and have it -- peppering the dog trainer with accusations that he punches dogs and calling his methods "barbaric." 

Millan surely knew what was coming. His appearance on the show was hotly contested beforehand, with Twitter campaigns against his appearance and protests on Facebook. The production staff was inundated with hundreds of e-mails and calls, according to the Daily Mail. Still, he gamely showed up, though he seemed a bit thrown by the questioning.
Here's some of the more heated moments of the exchange:
Titchmarsh: "You punish dogs, you hit them. I’ve seen you punch a dog in the throat to get it to behave, and to most people, like myself, I would say that is totally unacceptable as a way of training a dog."
Millan: "Well, obviously I would respectfully disagree with that. It’s not a punch, it’s a touch."

Titchmarsh: "I watched the video of it and if somebody touched me like that I would be hurt. You went for the throat [Titchmarsh mimics big walloping punches] and you punched the dog back and the dog bit you and held on to your hand."
Millan: "It's a touch ... It's a touch ..."
Titchmarsh: "Having watched a lot of boxing matches it looked like something Henry Cooper would deliver."

Pause for mostly uncomfortable laughter all around. Millan explains his methods a bit before the host again goes on the offensive.
Titchmarsh: "But you also work with electric shocks and collars and spikes on collars that really hurt them. You know, this is pretty barbaric treatment. Now, we wouldn't treat children like this. We'd be locked up if we did. Now, what's your reasoning behind treating dogs like this?"
Millan: "Well, there is a certain situation for that purpose, you know."
Millan goes on to explain how he is simply teaching people how to properly use the controversial tools they're already using. He says he recommends that people see a professional when training a dog using these methods, but he acknowledges, when pressed by the host, that people end up trying them on their own at home, because they see it on TV.

Titchmarsh never lets up, asking if Millan would ever give up his methods, asking him if he gets pleasure out of hurting dogs, countering Millan's assertion that dogs are pack animals striving for dominance in the household, and so on.
"We don't beat our children," Titchmarsh says at one point, "and we're a pack."
Internet reaction was swift, but divided. Many backed the host, but some Twitter users, like these two, thought Titchmarsh went over the top:
@floatygoat: Alan Titchmarsh interviewing Cesar Millan was so frustrating. Less of an interview, more of a series of stupid accusations.
@bigGstacey: very frustrating, the guys has clearly never watched dog whisperer.... I wana punch titchmarsh now. #mynanwillhateme
What's your take, Dogster readers? Is Titchmarsh on track? Did Millan get a raw deal? Before you answer, you might want to check out an edited video of the exchange for some ammunition:

At the end of the post, Dogster asks some questions of the readers.  My answer is that Millan did not get a raw deal.  It is about time people start to call him out on what he is doing instead of regarding him as an expert.