Thursday, December 12

A Special Goodbye to a Special Doggie Friend

In October I got the news that my dear friend Bailey had come to the end of his journey with his human companion.  News I knew one day I would hear, but certainly not ready for.  I have shed so many tears, both of joy and absolute sorrow.  Bailey was one of a kind.  But now that I have had a couple of months to process it, I wanted to pay tribute here to my amazing friend.

When I first meant Bailey, I was walking dogs as a part of my business and his owner was looking for a twice a day walk for his Pit Mix.  I had no idea what to expect when I first went to meet him.  We had a good 45 minutes together as his owner secured his apartment, got keys, etc.  Bailey and I walked the neighborhood and got to know each other.  Within that 45 minutes I got to know a dog that was amazingly sweet, loving and had a personality that was unforgettable.

Over the time I walked him, seeing him everyday twice a day, I got to know him quite well and he really got to know me.  So much so that at a time I had some sorrowful things happening, Bailey would great me with a gentle lick to my face and would push his head to my chest for a hug.  One of the many things that made him truly amazing.

He was somewhat of a celebrity around our walking route, so many people knew Bailey and always had to say hello.  I don't think there was a life he touched that didn't benefit from knowing him.  Myself and my dog included. 

I knew Bailey before I got Neville.  So when I was introducing Neville to Downtown, I often walked them together so Bailey could help Neville not be so scared.  I titled Bailey as Neville's Grandpa because that is the relationship that developed.  Bailey was the kind and wise old soul that showed Neville the way.  A beautiful thing to watch.

So I have tons of memories of Bailey.  How easy he was to take care of while his owner was out of town, even taking a pill with no problems, long talks in the park when he couldn't walk that far, endless hugs, snuggles, kisses and licks, watching his butt waddle up and down the stairs and my all time favorite was his tail wag.  Bailey could hear my voice, see me from a far or just smell me through the door and his tail would wag so hard his whole body would move.

Bailey, my friend, I love you endlessly.  You will be missed so much and your legend will continue to live on both in image on my website and in our memories for how amazing you were.  You truly were one of a kind and certainly a dog, a friend and a companion that will be so very missed.  Rest in peace.