Wednesday, February 13

Love Your Dog Pooch Parade Fun!

Last night was the Love Your Dog Pooch Parade and it was a big success!  All the dogs did so good, I was extremely proud of all of them.  For the first time, the entire parade was made up of my clients, so they were all people and dogs (except for one) I had worked with in the past or are currently working with.

This Pooch Parade was a little different than any that I have had before in that all the dogs were reactive in some way, plus one adolescent puppy.  Sounds like a nightmare, right?  Well, it was not, it was a great night!  The dogs were focused, the people were on point and the city set the perfect scene for us.  We worked on some hard issues and showed our dogs lots of love at the same time.

I want to congratulate and thank all the participants!  You all made me so proud.  Seeing all the work we have done together pay off was impressive!  

Thank you to Pussy & Pooch for the amazing Pawbar meals!  They looked so good I almost ate one!  Janene, Brandon and Lorenzo made our visit to the store no less than perfect.  From the selection of the meals to making sure each pooch was taken care of with water and to-go boxes if needed, you made us feel like VIP's as usual!

For the first time we ended the evening at Artisan House, what a perfect choice!  Thank you to  Brad (Bar Manager) and the wait staff for making the end to our evening just as perfect as the rest of the night!

Finally, thank you to the four special "helpers" I have, Adam, CJ, Jenn and my Neville... without you this event would not be half of what it is.

Happy Valentine's Day to you all!  Don't forget to show your dog some love too.