Friday, April 12

Dog TV

Quite a while ago there was talk of creating a TV station just for dogs, well it is here.  DOGTV has partnered with Direct TV, so those of you with Direct TV can tune into a station just for dogs.  Dogster has all the details and a couple of clips below.  They also included their list of possible programming that I found to be quite amusing.
DOGTV is a television network for dogs. No joke. TV for dogs. All day, all night. Your dog camped out on the couch, watching TV, bag of chips on his belly 
And with the announcement this week that DOGTV has partnered with DirecTV, more than 20 million customers now have access to it.  
Why would you ever use this? Well, people work. Dogs don't. So, you flip on DOGTV before you leave for work, and your dog has eight hours of content so he can veg out on the couch.  
(Now playing on DOGTV.) 

Or, say, you just want to experience the thrill of watching your dog watching TV. Hey, it's your cable bill.  
What kind of programming does it offer? Well, according to the press release, "DOGTV producers spent hundreds of hours to create content that caters to a dog’s well-being and unique sense of sight, hearing, and movement detection. Everything from the visuals –- the scenery, scenarios, color palettes, and camera angles –- to the audio soundtracks were selected with a dog’s experience in mind." 
Here's some YouTube clips of that programming:  

But with the nationwide rollout, DOGTV better get hip to the tastes of today's discerning hound, and there's no better place to start than human-centric TV. Here's our ideas for new shows: 
  • Game of Bones
  • How I Met Your Meatball
  • Survivor: Dog Park
  • Breaking Basenji
  • Mad Manchester Terriers
  • The Walking Dead (Cats!)
  • True Blood Sausage
  • America's Next Top Meatball
  • The Vampire Dalmatians
  • Dancing With the Sausages 
  • M*E*A*T
  • Poodles of Anarchy
  • The Good Whippet
  • Sex and the Chilean Fox Terrier
  • The Bold and the Beagle
  • Hell's Kitchen Scraps
  • Gilmore Greyhounds
  • Parks and Recreation and Eating and Sleeping
  • Live with Kelly and Michael and Puddles
  • Kourtney and Kim Make Max Meatballs
  • Saturday Night Labradors 
  • How to Live With Your Poodles (For the Rest of Your Life)
  • Boardwalk Empanadas 
  • Dawson's Cream Pie
  • Two Broke Basset Hounds

I like that they have different styles of programming.  As I played these clips from my computer my dog had to come and investigate!  He was really into the relaxing clip.  For those of you with Direct TV, if you check this out, give us a bark and let us know what your dog thinks of it.