Wednesday, November 16

Another Pooch Parade Success!

Last night was the Fall For Your Dog Pooch Parade and we had a great turn out!  I don't want to brag, but I think this was the best one yet.  We ended up with 8 dogs, 5 were puppies, which made it that much more fun. 

We had blast going through the streets of Downtown's South Park District and around L.A. Live.  The dogs were so excited by the lights and busy energy, it really challenged their owners to get their focus back on them.

The owners were really put to the test with some of the exercises I made them do, but we all had a good time doing them and their dogs behaved perfectly.  All the pooches played along and may have even been making fun of how silly their human counterparts looked!

After the dancing and prancing it was time for some serious rewarding!  I passed out the beautiful gift bags from Pussy & Pooch that everyone loved.  The treats of course were enjoyed right away by the dogs, the discount cards and samples their owners saved for later.

By the end, we were all ready to sit down at Big Wangs for some human treats and refreshments.  While we enjoyed our rewards the dogs entertained themselves hanging out under the table.  Many took a nap for the first few minutes but were then up and ready to mingle.

All in all, it was a good night with a lot of good dogs and people.  My favorite part was being able to sit down at the end and hear all the great conversations and enjoy the company of fantastic clients and their pooches!