Monday, July 22

Traveling With Your Pets

Summer is in full swing and vacations are under way.  I know not all vacations are appropriate for your pets, but if they are it is always fun to have the whole family there.  But traveling with your pets can pose some challenges if you are not prepared.  Below is the Top 6 Tips for Traveling with Your Pet.

Top 6 Tips for Traveling with Your Pet
Keep Your Dog Safe and Healthy on the Road
If you can't bear to leave your pet at home during your summer trip, you're not alone. The Travel Industry Association of America estimates that 30 million people take their dog along on road trips and plane rides every year.
Is your pet a good candidate? First, consider his personality. Shy or nervous pets might be more comfortable at home. But if your pet's adventurous, go ahead and schedule a talk with your veterinarian. She'll confirm that your pet's shots are up to date, offer travel tips and give you any preventive medication you might need (for mosquitoes or ticks, for instance.)
Once you have the go-ahead, you can keep your four-legged friend safe in unfamiliar territory with these top six travel tips from Veterinary Pet Insurance Co. (VPI).
  1. Make sure your pet's wearing identification at all times in case she becomes separated or lost. Verify that your pet's ID tag is up-to-date, durable, legible and includes your cell phone number.
  2. Pack a recent photo of your pet along with current vaccination records. If your pet becomes lost, the photo will make your search easier.
  3. Pack enough food to safeguard against travel delays.
  4. Book a pet-friendly hotel. VPI estimates that there are 25,000 great choices across the United States.
  5. Choose early morning or late evening flights to avoid temperature extremes that could affect your pet.
  6. Find a veterinary hospital near your destination in advance. Get the phone number, hours and driving distance. If your pet has a medical emergency you'll know exactly where to go.

These are 6 simple tips that can make your travel experience with your pet much safer and more enjoyable.