Friday, September 21

Something Fun & Free For the Weekend

Are you looking for something fun and FREE to do this Saturday night with your dog?  If so join me for a Free Pet Parade at Autumn Lights!

I will be leading a Pet Parade for the Pussy & Pooch booth at 8:30pm at Autumn Lights in Pershing Square on Saturday night.  The event is pretty amazing, Pershing Square is completely illuminated and the art should be fun.  Through all the people and exhibits we will be doing a Pet Parade, focusing on handling your dog in crowds and manners in public.

I am very excited to pair up with Pussy & Pooch!  They will be handing out free glo bands for you and your dog!

To sign up, all you have to do is go to the event and be at the Pussy & Pooch booth prior to 8:30pm to get your glo bands and get on the list.

Below tells you a little more about the Pet Parade and you can find out more about Autumn Lights by barking on the link.

I hope to see you there!