Wednesday, September 26

The Yellow Dog Project


Have you seen the picture above?  If not take a minute to read it, this is something that is very important if you are a dog owner or live around other dogs. 

Most of my clients and many of my friends have reactive dogs and the hardest part of managing them are other people and their dogs.  My clients and friends end up feeling helpless and often trapped because even though they ask for the approaching people and dogs to keep their distance or not greet their dog, most do not listen and they do it anyway.  This of course causes their dog to react and sometimes quite severely which is dangerous to the approaching dog and person.

All of this could be completely avoided if people would just simply respect each others space.  That is where the Yellow Dog Project comes in.  The hope is that anyone with a dog that requires some space, no matter what the reason, will where a yellow ribbon on them.  This is a clear indicator to each person passing by that their dog should not be approached and needs some room.

So, now I need your help to spread the word about The Yellow Dog Project.  You can start by learning a little more about it at

Help make the dog community stronger and safer by getting the word out about what a yellow ribbon means and why this should be respected.