Monday, October 15

Halloween Is In The Air!

Halloween will be here in no time.  It can be a fun time for both humans and K9's!  Have you decided what your dog will be and what you are going to do?  If you are wondering how this could be fun for your dog or where you would go... I have all the answers for you!

Where to go is the easy part... Pussy & Pooch Spooky Howl-oween Mutt Mingle party!  It will be on October 30th, 6pm - 9pm.  At the end of the party I will be leading you around the streets for a FREE Trick or Treat & Costume Parade.  Your dogs will get to show off their costume and have the chance to earn treats for tricks!  It will be adorable of course, but also a lot of fun!

As for the how, this is a little more difficult.  This depends on your dog.  Most dogs will play along to have "clothes" on, but when it comes to putting items on their head, it can be tricky!  Your dog has to enjoy or at least not care about having things like wigs, hats or even horns on their head.  If not, stick to a costume that your dog will enjoy.  Just because they look cute shouldn't mean they are uncomfortable or fearful about what is happening to them.

If you are looking for cute costumes, Pussy & Pooch have a bunch that are fantastic!  But hurry and get them before they are gone!

Hope to see you all on the 30th for a Spook-tastic time!!