Wednesday, January 30

5 Reasons to Watch the Puppy Bowl

Are you all sick of the Super Bowl hype yet?  I am not really into football, but I do enjoy the commercials.  But what I am looking forward to is the Puppy Bowl!  I giggle every year watching those cute pups run around and play.  Petside is feeling this too, they had 5 reasons to watch the Puppy Bowl this Sunday.  Below is their list.

Right in time for Divisional weekend of the NFL Playoffs, pet lovers have been given what they've truly been waiting for: a sneak peek of adorable dogs playing in Puppy Bowl, the real "Big Game" that matters! ...Check out some cute preview pics of this year's event, which airs on Sunday February 3 from 3-5PM.
puppy bowl

1.  Puppy Bowl Playoff Action

The ninth annual Puppy Bowl is sure to please all pet-loving people. Check out these cuties in action, "ruffing" each other up in their quest for the ultimate prize in puppy football.
puppy bowl

2.  Puppy Penalty?

A puppy penalty, perhaps? You'll have to watch Puppy Bowl to find out, but can rest easy knowing however this pooch's transgression winds up that it is downright adorable.
puppy bowl kitten

3.  Half-Time Surprise

Word has it that the half time show at this year's Puppy Bowl will be put on by a crew of adorable kittens. Can this year's Big Game honestly get any better?
puppy bowl

4.  "The Ref" is Back

Dan Schachner is back for his second year as "The Ref". This year, the veteran official was more prepared to call the game fairly, and didn't let cuteness cloud his judgment in sending puppy players to the locker room. Catch him in action on February 3!
puppy bowl hedgehog

5.  Hedgehog Cheerleaders

This year, hedgehogs are set to be a new addition to the Puppy Bowl experience, acting as cheerleaders on the sidelines for the competing puppy players. Cute doesn't even begin to describe their cheering efforts!
 Don't miss this cuteness!  Also don't forget to watch your dog's reaction (if there is one) to all the dogs on TV!