Tuesday, January 15

Dogster on Anderson Cooper!

As much as I reference them, you must all know by now, I love Dogster.  So any tip of the hat, mention or fame they get, I have to call attention to.  Anderson Cooper recently gave props to this favored dog blog.  The full story is below.  Congratulations Dogster, enjoy the spotlight!
This morning on the bus ride to work I noticed a woman raptly watching her tiny smart phone screen. She was seated and I was standing, so I couldn't help peeking at the video in her hands. And what was she watching? She was catching up on Downton Abbey.
The return of Downton Abbey has rekindled the flames of fandom that made the show so popular. When the show first hit the U.S., we couldn't help but see canines in the characters' places, so we did a little Photoshop magic and came up with images of what the cast members of Downton Abbey would look like if they were dogs. Judging from the response we received, there are more than a few Downton Abbey fans here on Dogster!
But guess who else loves Downton Abbey? It turns out Anderson Cooper is a fan of the show, so when someone clued him into our Downton dogs, he decided to feature them on Anderson Live. It's only a quick mention in the final five minutes, but look! There we are! We're famous!
Check out the clip below for Cooper's shout-out and take a moment to bask in the glory of being part of such a cool community. (No, really, we wouldn't be anything without all of you.)
To see the rest of our Downton dogs, click here. 
And Anderson, this is for you, you silver fox: