Friday, March 1

What's Up Downtown March!

WOW!  2013 please slow down just a little!  I am having a hard time believing today is the beginning of March.  But I am also very excited, March and April are my favorite months.   March holds a lot of fun for us Downtown!  These are some of the things I am looking forward to...

March 5th is the mayoral election, don't forget to get out and cast your vote!

The L.A. Marathon will be coming through Downtown on 3/17, cheer on the runners or just remember about the street closures.  I think there are still spots left, so if you are runner, sign up!

3/17 marks another special occasion, St. Patrick's Day!   There are many celebration options, pretty much any bar in Downtown will be having some sort of special or event that day.  The four I know of are Casey's 41st Annual St. Patrick's Day street festival, L.A. Live's St. Patrick's Day festival, Down & Out's (5th and Spring) celebration and of course Dublin's (7th & Flower).  Or you can always host your own party and look out your window at all the drunk people walking through Downtown, it proves to be quite entertaining every year.

After the day of celebration, you may be ready to try a couple of new places in our neighborhood.  If you need flowers or a nice centerpiece try Glasswing Floral on 6th and Spring.  There are a couple of new spots to eat/drink, I am interested in the Ham & Eggs Tavern in the financial district on 8th & Grand.

This just scratches the surface, there is so much to do DT!  Get out there and explore the city, with or without your dog.  I would recommend leaving your dog at home for your St. Patty's celebration, they will not enjoy it as much as you.