Monday, December 17

Comfort of a Dog

The tragic events in CT on Friday had me beside myself.  I sat for over an hour unable to do anything but watch the events unfold, with tears streaming down my face hearing the absolutely disturbing news and seeing the the horrifying images.  As I sat there upset asking the universe why this would happen, there was my Neville.

Neville had no idea what was wrong, just that I needed comfort and that is what he did.  He licked my face where the tears were, climbed up my legs and stood tall in front of me to give me a hug and then he just sat, leaning into me, almost as if to say "I am here".

The best part is that it worked, I did feel better.  One lick on the face or quick hug and I always feel better.  That is the special thing about dogs, they understand emotion and energy.  Maybe not where it comes from or why we feel that, but they certainly respond to it.

I even felt some comfort seeing the police dogs on the t.v. coverage.  With all the police officers around with their weapons, the thing that made me feel like the remaining children and teachers would be safe were those dogs.  If you took note to how they acted, they were anxious to perform their work.  Hyped up and ready to go.  For me, I will always stand in amazement of these working or police dogs.  In the face of the most horrific tragedies, they do not go into any type of comforting mode that our pets dogs do, they just become determined to do their job.  But of course, that is what they are trained to do.

So, today everyone is trying to get their head around what happened as we all go back to our routines.  The people in Newtown are beginning to lay to rest the ones they lost and life has to move forward.   That notion is one that dogs are very good at, moving forward.  They can shed their skin so to speak, to move forward and live in the now.

Hold your dogs a little closer and taken in their good energy.