Wednesday, December 26

Happy New Year

Today is the last blog for me for the Year, so I want to take a moment to reflect on this past year.  This year, like every year had a lot of ups and downs in pet news.  Some stories made us cry, others laugh or smile and there were those that got us mad or fired up to do something.  I'm sure the year ahead has the same to offer us.  But the one thing that remained constant for me, is that each story made me so happy to have my dog in my life.  A theme that seems to never get old.

As I prepare to go on a trip away from my beloved pup and into the cold, I can't help but think of everything Neville has given to me and my boyfriend.  Yesterday as we watched him try to open his presents and then play with his toys, we talked about how much he means to us and how rich he has made our lives.  I can't imagine my world without him. 

Neville is the one that makes us laugh in the moments we forget to with his silliness and puppy-like behavior.  He is the one to comfort us in the moments of sorrow, with a sweet lick on the cheek or just sitting there looking at us with empathy and kindness.  Neville is also the one that teaches us patience, as we walk on the street and his fear gets the best of him, we have to remember he can't help it and try to be strong to get him through it.  But most of all, Neville is the one that never lets us forget how to love.  As much as we have taught him, he has taught us.

I wish for every dog to find a forever home with people that love them unconditionally and accept them for who they are... and know who they are. 

As we travel into 2013, I hope we all can continue to work together to end dog fighting, puppy mills, and any form of cruelty to animals and I also hope we can continue to find homes for the unlucky pooches in shelters and rescues. 

Remember New Year's Eve can be a little scary for your dogs, so be sure to think about them when you make your plans.

Hold your pups tight and don't forget to do something special with them.

Happy New Year!