Friday, December 21

Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Your Pets

If your holiday season has been as busy as mine, you may have found little to no time for gift shopping, especially for your pets.  It is a good thing there are some great deals for he remainder of the shopping days.

If you are wondering what to get them, toys and treats you can never go with!  But if your dog likes clothes there is always apparel and accessories (like a bow tie).  And for your cat, they can never get enough scratching posts or pads and climbing towers.  Or a new bed is always nice.

Now for where the deals are!

Pussy & Pooch are having their 12 Days of Twinkle right now!  Today it is 15% off of all treats & toys, over the weekend it is 15% off of all apparel & accessories and on the 24th (Monday, the last shopping day) there are store wide last minute deals!  I will be there for that.

Both Petco and Petsmart are having in store and online deals throughout Christmas.  If you can't find what you need from Pussy & Pooch that is another good option.

The main thing you need to give to your pets for Christmas is a lot of love.  Remember this time of year how many dogs are at shelters or rescues with no one but volunteers to love them.  Some will never find a forever home and some will only have to spend a few days there.  So if you have time, drop off some treats or food at a local shelter or rescue or participate in one of the many food drives for homeless or shelter pets.  (I know Pussy & Pooch has a box set up and Rosemont Pet Hospital has a drive for  homeless pets).

Whatever you do this weekend, make sure to take time to do something special with your dog.