Tuesday, December 4

Small Dogs vs. Large Dogs

Is it really a competition between small dogs and large dogs?  No.  But are there different rules for each?  YES! 

For true dog friendly places, there is no difference at all.  But for the places that are dog tolerant or maybe do not have an official policy, but tend to turn their head, there is a difference in rules if you have a large dog vs. a small dog.  For instance, if you walk into a store with a small dog, most likely carrying them, most places will not say a word.  But if a person with a large dog walks in with their dog on leash, they are immediately told they cannot have them there.

Just the other day I went to our local Big Lots to pick up a quick box of lights.  I have never taken my dog in there, but the last handful of times I was there I noticed one or more dogs in the store.  Granted, they were small dogs either being carried or riding in the basket.  But in my head, it meant that dogs were allowed in the store.  So, when I walked down the stairs to the entrance and was greeted by the security guard yelling at me to get my dog out of the store because no dogs were allowed, I was shocked.  I asked the security guard if this was new, he said no.  Then I asked if I had a small dog could I bring them in and he said YES!  I was stunned to hear it actually said out loud.  I paused and repeated the question, this time he backpedaled a little by saying something about only guide dogs or service dogs and I made the point that most of those dogs are large, not small.  I then asked about the fact that I had seen on a regular bases dogs in the store and that is when he said if they can fit in a basket or be carried in your arms, that is fine.

Needless to say, I was extremely angry.  I don't like my dog being discriminated against because of his size, especially since he has better manners than some of the dogs I have seen in there.

But this is just one example.  This happens all the time.  The post office, department stores, local convenience stores or drug stores and even the grocery store. 

I understand perfectly that my dog cannot come everywhere with me.  That is not what I want to change.  What I want to change is that if the rule is no dogs, then it should mean no dogs large or small.  Why should small dog owners get a privilege that large dog owners do not have based on size.  If businesses want to put a behavior contingency on dogs being allowed, I would support that.  Meaning, dogs cannot bark, potty or be out of control while in the store.  Half of the small dogs I've seen in stores would not be allowed based on those rules.

I think that is what upsets me.  I have a very well behaved dog, if I went into a store, he would just stick to my side.  I have been shopping in a clothing store being barked at by a small dog in the basket next to me.  But that person was never asked to take her dog out of the store.

Don't get me wrong, I love all dogs, large or small.  If I had a small dog I would be enjoying these privileges  right along with everyone else.  I am bothered by this imbalance because I am missing out, or rather, my dog is missing out.  It would be so nice to walk him and run some errands at the same time, that is what small dog owners get to do.  But I don't get to enjoy that.  I will say, there are a lot of truly dog friendly places in Downtown, so I am lucky that I do not run into this that often.  It is also a great community here, so those shop owners that know Neville invite him in no matter what the policy.

If you feel the same way, or oppose my view, I want to hear from you.  

Do you feel like your dog is being discriminated against in a different way?  I would love to hear from you too!  

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