Monday, June 3

Blind Doberman Miracle

Dogster now has "Monday Miracles" and today's was too good not to share.  I love stories about dogs that inspire and show the true spirit of a dog.  This one does just that.  Misfit is a very cool dog and indeed a miracle!

"Love is blind."
Many times this refers to the way we see our objects of affection as perfect, despite the flaws others may notice. For Misfit, however, this happens in a very literal sense. The nine-month-old Doberman was born blind -- and he wasn't the only one in his litter born without sight. However, Misfit was the only one to survive.
This is where things might have ended tragically for Misfit, who not only has special needs but an often-misunderstood (and feared) breed as well. Fortunately, Misfit was adopted by two human moms, and he lives happily in Maryland with his family, which also includes a cat named Willis (whom Misfit loves to chase).

Okay, this is adorable. 

What a face! 

Willis is the most patient cat ever -- not only does he not mind being bothered by Misfit, he seems to be okay with wearing a leash as well. 
It took some special care and attention to help Misfit learn the layout of his new home, but with perseverance, Misfit now navigates the place like a champ. According to his Facebook page, Misfit visits the dog park, plays with his toys, eats poop out of the litter box, and loves his human friends ... just like any other canine. Unlike other canines, however, Misfit has a fondness for hopping around the backyard "like a bunny." (Um, how cute is that?)

Very handsome! 

Misfit can play like the rest of them. 

No sight? No problem. 
While some might view Misfit's blindness as a handicap, the young Doberman does not -- as his impairment allows him to "see with his heart." It's that sort of kindness in the face of adversity that makes Misfit a Monday Miracle.

Thank you Dogster for this story and for showing the true beauty of a dog... not to mention the soft side of a breed that is often feared.