Monday, June 24

Last Remaining Seats All About Eve!

Summer is my favorite time of year Downtown, mainly because of all the amazing things to do.  Among my favorite is the Last Remaining Seats series that the L.A. Conservancy presents.  This past Wednesday I went to All About Eve at the Los Angeles Theatre.  This was my first time in the theatre, I was not disappointed!

As I walked in I was greeted with this beautiful lobby and breath taking chandeliers, the most amazing at the end top of the stairs in the form of a waterfall.  I had to stand and take notice for a few moments to just take it all in.

As we moved through the theatre going into each level, I became more and more impressed with the detail of the theatre.  The design of the stage, the detail in the wood work on the walls, the mural on the ceiling, and the general layout.  We found perfect seats on the third floor overlooking the entire theatre.  Just a perfect view.

The night was a little warm, but otherwise it was a perfect evening.  Watching some of the greats on the big screen, enjoying the humor and wonderful acting of actresses I have adored my entire life.  To feel like you have been transplanted back in time to 1950 watching the film for the first time in a theatre as it was released is part of the fun the L.A. Conservancy gives us.

I had a wonderful evening and I am so thankful that I finally got to see this wonderful theatre!  This Saturday I will be going to Casablanca and I can't wait!