Wednesday, September 29

Foster Dog Saves Toddler From Rattlesnake

Dogster brought us a story yesterday that really touched my heart.  A 6-year old Boxer named Vandy was being fostered in Austin by a family.  While in the backyard, Vandy stepped in between the family's toddler and a rattlesnake.  The family says that it was a clear decision that Vandy made to step in front of the snake before it struck their toddler, not just a matter of happenstance. The dog took the venom but after $1,400 at the vet, is okay.  
Vandy, the heroine is still up for adoption and I hope this helps get her the perfect home.  She is very sweet and obviously great with kids, but not so good with cats.  If you would like to find out more on how to adopt Vandy or to give a donation to help with the vet bills, bark on this link:  Bark!
Below is a news report on the event:
For those of you wandering why the foster family is not keeping Vandy, it is because they are a foster family.  It is a unique quality to be able to bring a dog into your home and understand they are not staying forever, but to love and care for the dog as if they were until they find a "forever" family.  I know this is a special case, but the family wants Vandy to find the perfect family and they are more committed than ever to foster more dogs.

For the original story, bark on the link:  Bark!