Thursday, June 2

Animals Mysteriously Disappearing From LA Shelters

I had no idea this was going on until yesterday a good friend of mine forwarded this story to me.  Apparently over the last year 64 small animals have gone missing from L.A. Shelters, 39 of them from the North Central shelter.  All the animals were small dogs and cats, most of the dogs were actually pups and they were all ready to be adopted.  No one knows where these animals have gone or how they disappeared, but it is thought that people are stealing them to avoid the cost of adoption. 

I understand that adoptions are expensive, but if you cannot afford to adopt the pet, how do you plan to take care of it? Additionally, this means people are getting animals with absolutely no screening process.  I just hope the people that have these animals are caring and providing a good, safe home.

Below is the video with the whole story, take a look and tell me your thoughts on where these animals might be going.

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