Wednesday, June 29

The weather is getting hotter and it is time to really think about dog safety in the heat.  Below is a blog I did last year that many found very useful, so I wanted to share it again with you all.

The temperature is on the rise, so, I want to remind you all to look out for your furry friend.  Here are the most important things to keep them safe.
1.  WATER!  If you are going for a walk 30 minutes or longer, especially in the heat of the day, make sure you are stopping every 15 minutes to give your dog water.  If the heat is not as intense you can water them every 30 minutes. 

2.  LEAVE THEM AT HOME!  Don't leave your dog in the car, even for "just a minute" to get something in the store.  The car heats up so fast and it becomes an oven.  If you can leave the air on and it is in a covered garage, it would be okay, but if you are in the middle of the parking lot, windows up... it won't take long for your car to get to cooking temperatures.  It would be a great idea to have a crate fan for your dog if you do travel with them a lot.

3.  KEEP IN THE SHADE!  When you are walking your dog, try to keep them in the shade, especially at stop lights.  The pavement and sidewalks get so hot and can burn your dogs pads.  There are booties you can put on your dog or paw wax.

4.  COOL THEM OFF!  If your dog has a heavy coat or you know they run hot, get a cool pad or vest, it will make them so much more comfortable. You can also give your dog an ice cube or two or get them doggie ice cream treats.

I hope these quick reminder tips help to keep your dog cool.