Friday, June 24

Take Your Dog To Work Day!

Happy take your dog to work day!  I hope you are all lucky enough to have your pooch by your side today.  They brighten your day all day long and sometimes even keep those co-workers you are not so fond of at bay.  Dogster had a great list of the Ten Reasons to Take Your Dog to Work Today.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.  Also, the bonus today is the picture above.  I saw it on The View the other day and have seen it EVERYWHERE since and I am still laughing!

10 Reasons to Take Your Dog to Work Today
10. Your dog just gets too distracted working at home, and never meets deadlines
9. Your cat will be very, very grateful
8. It’s Potluck Friday, and someone has to eat Edna’s tuna casserole
7. You need to see at least one smiling face today
6. Your dog’s mere presence will keep The Annoying Guy Who Doesn’t Much Like Dogs away from your desk
5. Your dog’s frequent leg-lift breaks = Your end-of-week sanity
4. He needs to see just how hard you work to make the money to pay for his kibble
3. He’s the perfect excuse for getting out of the same old Friday Happy Hour
2. He’s the perfect magnet for meeting someone great at Friday Happy Hour, if your coworkers find a Happy Hour that allows dogs
1. The biggest reason for bringing your dog to work today: Because your dog is way more awesome than anyone else’s dog at your office, paws down
Everyone have a happy Friday and a great weekend.  Don't forget to do something special with your dog this weekend.

To see all the cute picture that go with the list above, bark on the link:  Bark!