Tuesday, June 21

Drunk Man Operates On His Doberman

Responding to reports of seeing a drunk, naked man covered in blood, police arrived at Chicago apartment of Stewart Gibbs.  They found Gibbs indeed naked, very intoxicated and covered in blood.  Officers also found blood covering the walls and floor of the hallway, bathroom, kitchen and bedroom. The source of the blood was Gibbs Doberman Foley who had an open wound under his right ear.  Gibbs explained to the police that he was using a butcher knife to remove a cyst from his dog.

Gibbs was arrested for felony cruelty to an animal and bail was set for $75,000.  Foley was taken to an emergency veterinary center for treatment and Gibbs gave up custody of the dog, he is now in the care of Chicago Animal Care and Control.

This is such a sad story for the dog.  In all the reports, it said that Foley continued to have a great demeanor about him despite his injuries.  I hope a great dog finally gets a great home.  I just have no idea why someone would do this to their dog.  Drunk or not, that is no excuse.
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