Monday, June 27

Last Remaining Seats - Part 2

Yesterday evening I had the pleasure to attend my second Last Remaining Seats Show, Sunset Boulevard at the Palace.  As well, it was the Palace's 100th birthday celebration.  What an evening and what an AMAZING theatre!

The evening began with the opening by Linda Dishman, Executive Director of the Los Angeles Conservancy and then a special presentation by Jessica Wethington McLean, Executive Director of Bringing Back Broadway.  But the evening really kicked off when Tony Valdez, Fox-11 Reporter and Host of this event, presented the centennial tribute to the Palace Theatre.  Immediately followed by an on stage interview with Nancy Olson which was a treat.  The stories she told were funny and had me on the edge of my seat learning about shooting this movie and just what Hollywood was at that time.

The Palace Theatre is both beautiful and elegant.  Her beauty was restored with such dignity, so now you can appreciate every unique detail.  My favorites were the pillars lined with roses and those amazing murals on the ceiling.  But what I can't describe is the feeling you get when you walk in.  The combination of the history and the beauty of this Downtown treasure are breathtaking.

The movie was indeed a classic.  William Holden was at his prime, Gloria Swanson was simply amazing and as over the top as you would want her to be as the great Norma Desmond and I think you could hear the whole audience smile every time Nancy Olson appeared on screen.  It was a great movie, but sad...tragic really.  Yet, a majority of the audience was laughing, which I didn't understand.  I think maybe the style is a little lost in translation.  

No matter what the audience was doing, I really enjoyed myself.  It was wonderful to watch another classic film on the big screen at an amazing Downtown Theatre.  Thank you Los Angeles Conservancy for presenting such greatness.

To become a member of the Los Angeles Conservancy, bark on the link:  Bark!