Wednesday, October 12

Best Doggie Halloween Costume!

Halloween is in the air and all I can think about is what costume to put my dog in!  You would think with his fear issues he wouldn't like wearing things... but that is not the case.  You can put a t-shirt on him and watch out, he becomes a super model working the runway!  So, I got very inspired when I saw this hit Facebook and Dogster.  It is the cutest thing. 

Below are the steps that the owner of this cutie (Bones) took to craft this amazing costume.  Enjoy and I hope you are as inspired as I am!

“This is an early shot of the foam form I made for fitting purposes. It was made to minimize the fittings on Bones the actual dog. He is patient, but there are limits.”

 “Here is Bones in his speed suit. This is two pieces, body and head, and is completely open underneath. I patterned it after some pajamas that he wears at night.”

“I am holding the body of the vehicle on bones to check the fit. I was taking too long to get his picture and he was ready to be done. I made the body all out of foam sheet which was 1/4 inch thick with “fun foam” foam sheets on top. It hardly weighs anything.”

“Here is the body suit once it is painted. The feet are just slid on to the model. The round disks at the joints snap on to the suit so it is more comfortable and easier to get on and off.”  (* tip- yogurt cups for feet)

Finished Product!  I am amazed at the creativity!