Wednesday, October 19

Top 200 Dog Friendly Places has published their top 200 dog friendly places.  It is really great because they have it broken down into category's, so if you are looking for the best beaches in a specific region of the country, you can find it very quickly and easily.

Now they are not saying these are the only dog friendly places, just the highest ranking based on their standards.  But with how many there are, I am sure you will find a perfect place for a quick weekend get-away with your pooch or a full family vacation and this is the perfect resource if you are just looking for something to do in Los Angeles (or surrounding area) on a Saturday afternoon.  

Some of the highlights in California are:  Big Bear Lake for RV Park and Camping, Downtown L.A. had quite a few hotels that are dog friendly, Long Beach Dog Beach made the list (my personal favorite), and many restaurants all over Los Angeles have pet friendly patios.  There are so many more, this is just a few of our local spots.

To access this great resource, just bark on the link:  Bark!