Friday, December 9

Neville's Notes: Christmas List

Hi everyone, it is me, Neville and I have taken over the blog for mommy.  I thought I would help all of your K-9 kids out.  If you are anything like my mommy and daddy, you are going to need some help on what to get your four-legged children for the up coming holiday.  I guess we celebrate Christmas in my house.  Mommy keeps talking about a tree that we are going to get and she and daddy put up lights and other stuff that is green and red all around the house.  I've never had a "Christmas" before, so I don't know what this is, but she keeps telling me I get presents.  Well, if I get presents, I want them to be what I like, so I made a list.

Here are my top 10 items on my wish list, my tail is already wagging thinking about the presents I will open on Christmas Day.

10. New Crate Mat or Bed.  Mine is okay, but I really need a new one, an orthopedic one would be best! I spend a lot of time hanging out in my crate, I need to be comfy. They are on sale now almost everywhere, but I did hear mommy say PetSmart had a good deal.

 9.  Squeaky Toy.  I have a lot of these already, but I can't resist a new squeaky... I love that sound.  I'm sure there are sales somewhere, but that is the best part about squeaky toys... you can find them anywhere.  Plush or rubber, either is fine with me.

 8.  Flexi Leash. (Mommy helped me with this one) This is for when we go hiking or to the park and I can have more freedom to roam without having to use the long line.  I know she will get me purple.

 7.  Interactive Puzzle.  I've only heard about doggie puzzles and I am a great problem solver so I hope I get a puzzle to figure out with mommy and daddy.  Mom said she found a lot here.

 6.  Soft Crate.  It is a big wish, but I ruined my last soft crate and I really miss it.  Again, lots of good deals out there online and in the major stores.   But you can also look on places like eBay and craigslist.

 5.  New Bed!  I want a big pillow to lay on.  Right now when I am hanging out with mommy and daddy, I lay on one of their pillows from the couch, I want my own big pillow.  Pussy & Pooch have some fun ones, and there are good sales at Petco and Petsmart.

 4.  BONES!  The more the better.  My favorites are at Pussy & Pooch, Bully sticks, marrow bones and the pig hooves.  YUM!

3.  Pawbar Meal.  My paws are crossed that mommy will take me to Pussy & Pooch and buy me a Pawbar Meal.  They always have something that has the best ingredients and tastes SO good.

 2.  Fancy Collar.  I love new collars.  Pussy & Pooch once again has the one I want.  It is really fancy and has purple rhinestones on it.  Perfect for when I need to dress up for mommy's special events.

 1.  Jacket.  I have a jacket that is warm and keeps me dry, but it is too big.  Pussy & Pooch has the perfect purple jacket and every time we go in I drag mommy over to it.  I hope I get it, it looks so warm and I love wearing clothes!

Well, that is my top 10.  I wish I could say they are in order, but I want it all!  I hope it has helped you think of the perfect gift for your own pooch.  I know whatever I get, I will love because it is from my mommy and daddy.

Happy Holidays!