Tuesday, December 20

The Treats, Bones, and Rich Foods of the Holidays

We have talked a bit about safety for your dogs and cats during the holidays, but I thought I would dedicate this blog to all the treats, bones, and rich foods your dog and maybe cat will be exposed to over the holidays.  I know my dog has already received so many doggie bakery treats, bones and other treats that I don't know how he will ever eat them all.  Most have been stored away right now and he is getting a little at a time. 

Beyond, the gifts your dog (or cat) may be given, there is the food we will be making.  I am not one to say that dog food and human food is all that different.  The important thing is to understand what food is normal for your dog and what is not.  For instance, my dog is use to getting cooked chicken, turkey or steak and his kibble is a fish formula, but he is not use to raw meats.  So for me to give him a bunch of raw meat as I am preparing our holiday meal is asking for an upset stomach.

Same thing for those treats and bones I was speaking about earlier.  A lot of the bakery treats he has never had before, so instead of letting him gorge himself, I will give him a little at a time to make sure his stomach can handle it.

The best rule is to monitor how many treats your dog is getting and watch how their stomach reacts.  Also, for bones, if they are bones your dog has never had, just let them chew on it a little at a time so you can check how it will effect them.  You don't want the bone or treats to have a bad reaction and end up with a huge mess to clean up or worse a very sick dog.

I know there are some dogs out there that could eat the treats and the wrapper they come in and be fine, but to be cautious is never a bad thing.  So take the treat giving slow and remind all your guests (especially the children) that there is a limit to what your dog's stomach can take.  They may not know it at the time, but your dog will thank you for it.

Happy Holidays!