Monday, February 6

Here We Go

Well, I got to watch the Puppy Bowl and see our boy Anthony play his heart out!  That is about as in depth as I get with sports.  I did, however, see some of the commercials and the halftime show.  Both Madonna on the Super Bowl and the Kitties on the Puppy Bowl.  Those kitties are hard to beat! 

The commercial that I have to share with all of you today is my favorite for a couple of reasons.  One, it is just fun, but even more important, it spreads a great message to not count out a rescue dog.  I would love to see the day that the term rescue dog means talented, sweet, loving and the best all around.  Instead of the current meaning of scared, abused and broken.  Cheers to the Bud Light marketing team!

I hope this will brighten your Monday... especially for those of you that had more party than Super Bowl.