Friday, February 24

A Little Girl's Perfect Companion

Since today is Friday, I wanted to share a happy story.  This is not something I read somewhere or saw on the news, it is a real story from my life and something I get to witness first hand.  It is about the cute little dog above, Ginger.

My friend called me on Tuesday, February 7th, the same day as my Pooch Parade, to say she had found this little dog... what to do.  It was rainy and cold and this frail little dog was alone and scared in the industrial area of Fontana where my friend works.  We were both sure that this tiny pooch must have just slipped out of her collar or found her way through a fence, but certainly she had a home. 

My friend did the next reasonable thing to find this little dog back to her owner, she took her to a vet to scan for a microchip that was unfortunately not found.  But the vet did give her a clean bill of health and estimated her age at about 6 months.  Then a check in with the local shelter/animal control with no results, it was decided at that time that my friend's coworker would keep her for the night.  The hope was that it would go well with the coworker's other dogs and husband and maybe this poor little dog would have a home, at least until her owner came forward.

Unfortunately, the crying of a puppy was just too much for the husband.  This is totally understandable, puppies are not for everyone.  In the mean time, flyers had been posted and my friend registered the puppy on a few lost pup sites, still hoping the owner would come forward.  But now the hope that the owner wanted her back was starting to slip away, they would've been looking for her by now.

But as the second day came to a close and my friend was trying to find a rescue that could take this cute little pup, she happen to talk to her sister.  Now about 2 years ago, my friend got a dog for her sister and her children, but this slowly became the boys dog.  But my friend's niece, the only girl in 4 children, really wanted her own dog or cat.  Her very own special pet that she could dress up, spoil with pink and bedazzled accessories and most of all love.  So when her sister saw the picture, she thought it was perfect for her daughter.

A deal was struck!  When her sister visits California in April from New Jersey, she will be taking this little dog back with her as her daughter's perfect companion.  So for now, Ginger, the name given by her new owner, my friend's niece, is staying with my friend's mom and dad, being spoiled every moment possible.

I had the pleasure of having Ginger stay with me last week to work on some training and mostly just love her while her "foster" mom and dad were away.  She is the sweetest thing and I don't know that my friend could've found a more perfect dog to be a companion for a little girl than this dog.  She will be the perfect princess, dancing and prancing queen and most of all the perfect friend to this sweet little girl that will without a doubt love her endlessly.

The fairytale union won't happen until April, but I think this is about as happy of an ending as you get.  Especially for those of us that have, work with and see rescue dogs.  It is so easy to take a dog to a shelter or hand them over to a rescue, and sometimes that is the best thing to do.  But sometimes, you can rescue a dog yourself and maybe even make your niece think you are a superhero.

Congratulations Ginger!  Enjoy your new home!

For all of you, happy Friday and have a great weekend.  Don't forget to do something special with your dog!