Friday, February 17

Music Arranged For Dogs Hits Billboard Charts

Dogster broke the story a couple of days ago that the album Through A Dog's Ears hit #19 on the Billboard Classic Chart!  This is a first that an album made for dogs is being recognized by Billboard.  More importantly, the music on the album is documented as actually helping dogs chill.

Through a Dog’s Ear: Music to Calm Your Canine Companion, performed by Dogster favorite Lisa Spector, ranks at #19 on the chart this week. The album is the first in a series of solo piano recordings clinically demonstrated to calm the canine nervous system. The music has been selected and rearranged to help dogs suffering from anxiety issues.
I am so excited by this news.  I certainly want to go pick up a copy and see how it might help my own dog in certain situations.

In this same Dogster blog, it is explained that Dogster creator and blogger Maria Goodavage did an article for the San Francisco Classical Voice about how music can calm dogs.  The article is great and you should all check it out, especially if you have a fearful dog or one that is suffering from anxiety.  To read the whole article, bark on the link:  BARK!

Happy Friday!  I wish you all a good weekend and don't forget to do something special with your dogs.  For those of you with a three day weekend... enjoy the extra time!