Thursday, February 2

What's Up Downtown February!

Happy Groundhogs Day!  Happy February as well!  I think most of us think of February as the month of love... but that is not all the month has to offer us.  If you are looking for new restaurants to try, museum exhibits to see, events to experience or concerts to enjoy, Downtown can provide all!  Below are some of my picks to highlight from this What's Up Downtown February!

The Grammy Museum is hosting two events I am very excited about (many more as well), first, in honor of celebrating LOVE, check out The Beatles Love: A Fifth Anniversary Cirque de Soleil Showcase, open until 2/28/2012.  Also, coming on 2/16/2012 An Evening with Michelle Phillips from The Mamas and Papas, what amazing stories she has and sure to give another insight on music of the time!

Looking for something special for Valentines Day?  Well the calendar has two events listed for couples, Valentine's Dinner at Smeraldi's and Sweetheart's Package at Suede Bar & Lounge.  But I know if you put your reservation in, any of your favorites Downtown would be the perfect place for you and your Valentine.  Or maybe this is the perfect time to try one of the new locations Downtown (from this month or month past), this month we welcome Little Bear on Industrial St. for that Belgian pub feel and if you want more casual and healthy, try Planetalis on Figueroa.  But if you want amazing food and an upscale environment, help welcome back for their reopening Water Grill, on Grand.

Now for my personal favorite... what to do with your dog this month!  Yes, it is me shamelessly promoting my own event that amazingly still has a couple of spots left, The LOVE Your Dog Pooch Parade on February 7th!  It is the night to take your doggie on a date as we go through the Historical Core of Downtown.  This is a workshop style of class with a twist of fun!  During the walk we will concentrate on obedience and manners in the city, working with all the distractions the city provides including other dogs and people.  For the dogs we stop in at Pussy & Pooch and for the humans we end the night at Portofino's on their dog-friendly patio for some treats of our own.  There are only two more days to RSVP, so sign up today!  Bark on the link:  BARK!

Whatever you do this month, I hope you do a lot of it Downtown and support this great city!