Friday, March 30

Feel Good Friday!

Happy Friday everyone!  I don't know how many of you out there have heard of the amazing Skidboot, but he was a dog that was around for over a decade performing and blowing us away.  He and his owner (not a trainer at all) had this incredible bond and had developed many routines and fun acts.  He was in all sorts or rodeos and even made an appearance on Oprah and he won a show you might remember from the Animal Planet, Pet Star.

The video below recaps his life and talents. Skidboot passed on in March 2007, but he brought a lot of love and happiness to those of us that watched him.  He was a special dog.  This video was being passed around and it brought such a smile to my face I knew it was the perfect "Feel Good Friday" treat!

My wish is that this video inspires you to train your dog to crazy and fun tricks.  All the energy they have can go towards fun!  Find what they are good at or maybe their nasty habit and turn it into something that is rewarding for both of you.  Tricks are fun for us, but work for our dogs... very rewarding work!

Have a great weekend and remember to do something fun with your pooch!

To visit the Skidboot website, bark on the link:  BARK!