Friday, March 16

Happy St. Patrick's Day (early)!

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day and there is bound to be some great celebrating and displays of green!  I always get a kick out of what people put their dogs in or what color they temporarily (I hope) die their hair. 

I know Downtown has a lot going on, so for those of you with dogs like mine, you may want to keep them out of the main celebration zones.  For other more social dogs, they might enjoy a party or two.

If you are still looking for that perfect accessory or outfit, Pussy & Pooch has the best!  The bow ties are the cutest!

To properly get us in the mood, below are some fun outfits and hair!  I hope this inspires something great for your pooch!

Have a Happy and Safe St. Patrick's Day and Weekend!  Don't forget to do something great and fun with your dog!