Friday, March 2

The Power Of K9 Love

This week has been a roller coaster for me due to a lot of personal and professional issues, so as the last of at least the professional issues came to a resolve yesterday, I realized I had to share the amazing experience I have had with my dog Neville.  As all of you regular followers know, Friday's are for the feel good stories and today will be no different, except today is a chapter out of my own life.

This week started on a not so great note and each day seemed to present a new challenge and create a new emotion to go with it.  Neville started the week being a little put off by my mood, he seemed very unsure on how to approach me, so he would default to a silly behavior, which would always get me to at least smile and sometimes laugh.

As the week went on, the professional side of the issues heated up and in a three day period I went from happy to sad to irritated to mad and back to sad.  Each day I would take longer and brisker walks with Neville the whole time talking it all out with him.  When we would return to the apartment I would sit and thank him for listening and his eyes would look at me as if to say he understood and all would be okay.  Sometimes he would even add a little lick on the face.

Then yesterday, the issue came to a resolve.  It was over, yet my emotions were not.  As I cried and became angry and cried some more and even laughed a couple of times, my faithful and loyal friend sat by me and listened to everything.  When I would cry he would get closer and comfort me any way he could.  When I was angry he still was listening but was further away, but those understanding eyes never left me.  And when I laughed he was there to flip around on the couch and offer more of those silly behaviors.

At the end of the day I realized something all over again that I know I already knew, that my dog Neville really is my best and most loyal friend.  No matter what, he will not leave and when I am at my most fragile, he becomes my strength.  This dog that is suppose to be so fearful and fragile himself is one of the strongest and most confident souls I know.  I say all the time I don't know what I would do without him, and I don't remember my life before him... such a true statement.  My Neville guy, I love you so much.

I have always had dogs in my life and I know how magically their love can be.  I don't know if it is their eyes that look at you with unconditional love, their calming energy or their amazing ability to sense everything you feel.  But whatever it is, there is no great comfort in the world than your loyal four-legged companion.

Happy Friday!  Don't forget to do something special with your pooch this weekend!