Thursday, September 15

Dog Rescued Then Escapes

This is an odd story all around.  A Pomeranian named Malibu, who was medically prescribed to Shalanon Brooks for emotional support, was rescued from a scorching car only to escape from the rescuers.

Shalanon Brooks went to Six Flags Magic Mountain with Malibu in tote.  Brooks claims that she made the decision to leave Malibu in the car with food and water and cracked windows when the zipper broke on the dog carrier she’d brought.  With the temperature rising over 80 degrees, security officers saw the dog in the car, which was in such distress they believed the dog to be dead.  They broke into the car and rescued Malibu, they then took her to the Six Flags kennel to revived her with water and cool air temperatures.

Once Malibu was feeling better, a staff member was replenishing her water and the little dog bolted, heading for the parking lot.  Unfortunately, she has not been seen since.

Now, Shalanon Brooks is upset and blaming Six Flags for their actions.  She claims that her actions never endangered her dogs life.  However, it is standard practice at Six Flags to rescue any animals left in cars.

I personally believe Shalanon should just thank the staff at Six Flags for saving her dog's life and should blame no one but herself for the fact that she no longer has her dog.  Why would you bring a dog to an amusement park in the first place?  Even if you thought you could bring the dog in, when you found you couldn't wouldn't you figure out a safe place for your pet?  

Below is the video with more of the story, you can decide for yourself what you think would be the proper actions and who is right in this case.

For the full story, bark on the link:  Bark!