Thursday, September 22

Dogs Found Buried In Trash had such a disturbing story they including in their newsletter yesterday.  It is an animal cruelty story coming out of Philadelphia that will make your skin crawl.  I believe that knowledge is power, so I am sharing this with you so we can learn from other's mistakes.  Please, if you should ever see anything like this from a neighbor or a stranger, call the authorities and give the animals the best chance of survival.  Please take a moment to read...

This morning news broke of an animal cruelty story that can only be called chilling and disturbing, to say the least. According to the NBC Philadelphia affiliate, two emaciated dogs have been discovered in the backyard of a home in the Strawberry Mansion section of Philadelphia. The dogs, two pit-bull mixes, were found starving and buried in trash.
According to authorities, police originally were called to search the home for a suspect believed to be involved in an assault case. Upon arriving to the home and conducting their search, however, they found the bodies of the pit-bulls piled in the trash in the backyard.
Authorities also said they found a starving cat with numerous fleas and parasites in the home as well.
Soon after, police called the PSPCA to come and remove the animals. The dogs were taken to a veterinary hospital for care and are receiving SPCA medical treatment. They're expected to recover.
For what can only be described as their utter neglect, the entire family will face charges of animal cruelty.
 The only good thing here is that the animals are safe now and have a chance to recover and hopefully find good homes. This just makes me sick that people could be so cruel to innocent beings.  These animals depend on us for their basic needs, it is a sick and disgusting thing to do to deny them that.

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