Friday, September 30

Dolly The Dog

I was sent this amazing story last week about a puppy that needed saving and the founder of Dolly's Foundation stepped in, that story I will get to in a different blog.  Today I want to focus on the name sake of the foundation, Dolly the Pit Bull.  Dolly really stole my heart when I saw the video of her story.  Maybe I am sucker for rescue stories, being a rescue mom myself.  But I really connected with the fact that this dog has no reason to trust, be kind, loving or have any sweetness about her and yet she does.  

That point is what resonates with me the most.  It reminds me of my own dog, he was dealt a bad deck the first part of his life and I wouldn't blame him if he hated all people, but he doesn't.  I watch him everyday confront his fear and try to say hello to perfect strangers, something I didn't even know would be possible.  Dolly has this same theme.  You will see her resilience, her strength and her inspiring spirit.  Her owners are lucky to have her, she is lucky to have them, but I think they all know that.

I hope this sends you into the weekend on an inspiring note.  

Have a wonderful weekend and don't forget to do something special with your pup!