Monday, October 4

The Art Walk Saga Finally Over?

On Friday, Downtown News released yet another story about Art Walk being canceled (bark on the link for the full story, Bark!).  The story basically said it was up in the air and the cost may really be to much to maintain the event.  It brought up all this doubt and confusion as to where the event stood, this is after releasing a story just a few days before with the board clearly stating it will go on.  I was so confused, maybe it was meant to just update everyone that had missed the week long discussion.  I was obsessively checking my email waiting for the next story which didn't come until Sunday.  In this article it is confirmed that Art Walk will go on October 14th!  Some of the local business owners donated $200,000 to the Art Walk organization and they are hoping a few more will follow suite and they will end up with $250,000 as an annual donation.  The owners who will contribute initially are Tom Gilmore, Izek and Eric Shomof, Alex Moradi, Barry and Rommy Shy, Cedd Moses, Ruben Islas, Saeed Farkhondepour, and The Hellen Group.  The donation will bring the annual budget up from $18,000 and thus allowing the board to hire a new full-time Executive Director and Administrative Assistant.  They are also going to focus the event more towards the galleries and on the art in Downtown.
I think these changes could be really good.  I am really happy to see our local business owners stepping up and taking care of this local event that brings so much business to Downtown.  This is the way to get the economy flowing around here, and that is exactly what Downtown needs.

For the latest story on Art Walk, bark on the link:  Bark!