Wednesday, October 27

Costume Ideas For Dogs

If you have a dog that likes to play dress up or that will tolerate it, then the video below might give you some ideas on what to do for your dog.  But I must warn everyone, if your dog doesn't like to have clothes on or has issues with things on their head, etc., please do not dress them up for Halloween.  This is something us as humans find to be great fun, but it can be really awful for a dog if they don't enjoy all the activity and dressing up.  For the dogs that aren't the party animals you want them to be, make sure you give them a quite place to rest and relax away from all the chaos.
The dog in this video is hilarious, talk about a dog that could care less, he just sits there so stoic.  Listen for the random bird sound and the owner's instructions for the dog.  He is such a cutie.  I hope you get some good ideas.

For more ideas on dog costumes, bark on the link:  Bark!